5 Must-Read Books on Healthcare Facilities Management

These books on healthcare facilities management help provide tools that are necessary to be successful within the industry.

By Mackenna Moralez
May 13, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in extra attention on facilities management. With safety protocols regularly changing as managers learn more about the virus, it is up to facilities professionals to ensure that buildings are healthy and safe for workers and patients to enter.  

More hospitals and other healthcare facilities are strengthening their recruiting efforts, though, as the country faces an ongoing labor shortage. Organizations have to train these new hires, and even though most of that can take place in person, some materials can be covered outside of the office.  

Books on healthcare facilities management can give managers a range of strategies and tactics they need to succeed. Here are five must read books on healthcare facilities management: 

1.) Planning and Designing Healthcare Facilities: A Lean, Innovative and Evidence-Based Approach by Vijai Kumar Singh, Paul Lillrank  

This book covers planning and design of healthcare facilities and how it was evolved over the previous decades from “function follows design” to “design follows function.” The authors explain new concepts about design that help reduce delivery costs, the use of new technologies and sustainable solutions.  

2.) The Facility Management Handbook – 4th Edition by Kathy Roper & Richard Payan 

This book covers the range of facilities management topics from technology applications to disaster recovery planning. This guide shares overviews, case studies and practical guidelines that pave the way for successful managers.  

3.) Service Quality for Facilities Management in Hospitals by Low Sui Pheng and Zhu Rui 

This book looks at facilities management within hospitals and other healthcare facilities. It evaluates the service quality standards from the patient’s perspective and provides recommendations on how to improve facilities management service quality.  

4.) Healthcare Facility Planning: Thinking Strategically, Second Edition by Cynthia Hayward 

Serving as a practical guide, this book helps facilities managers become confident in a range of activities from planning to implementation. This new edition addresses current issues within the industry and the way facilities are used, planned, financed and built.  

5.) Introduction to Healthcare Facilities Management by Skip Smith, Tim Adams, Chad E. Beebe 

This handbook helps readers to become more familiar with healthcare facilities management. Filled with quizzes, tips and anecdotes from seasoned professionals, it can be a valuable tool to newcomers and veteran managers alike. 

Mackenna Moralez is assistant editor with Healthcare Facilities Today. 

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