AkitaBox Offers Free Resources to Healthcare Institutions Amid COVID-19 Crisis

July 30, 2020

AkitaBox™, the industry leader in building management software solutions, announced today that it will offer complimentary services to healthcare institutions located within the Midwest, which are specifically designed to help in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. The company’s initiative will empower healthcare organizations to better manage the facilities-related challenges they face amid the potentially large-scale spread of COVID-19.  AkitaBox will provide these services on a first-come-first-served basis until we exhaust our available resources or the emergency is behind us.

AkitaBox’s mission in offering this response is to leverage its facility and infrastructure management platform to enable healthcare providers to identify miscellaneous units within their facilities which could be converted to COVID-19 units. The AkitaBox response is meant to allow healthcare institutions to be able to identify the maximum number of beds that could be made available.  In addition, the platform’s core capability will allow these same institutions to track critical pieces of equipment.

“These are unprecedented times and no one has ever been through something like we are seeing with COVID-19. But having been involved in both continuity planning and disaster response, the one thing I know with certainty is that we need to focus on being of service to our employees, our customers and our communities at large. This solution is our attempt to do our part to help” said CEO, Matt Miszewski.

At no cost, AkitaBox will provide the necessary resources to Midwest healthcare organizations to help them identify:

1)    The maximum number of COVID-19 beds that can be accommodated within the facility by maximizing all available space

2)    A count of mission-critical assets, including ventilators

3)    The ability to share floor plan details with stakeholders both inside and outside your organization

Healthcare institutions that are interested in taking advantage of this free resource should contact AkitaBox: (608) 729-9191,  CV19@akitabox.com or go to www.akitabox.com/covid19.



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