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Art installation designed to bring life, color to Austin AIDS clinic

October 18, 2018

Eaton Fine Art (EFA), an art consultancy firm based in Austin, Texas, recently curated an art program for the newly opened AIDS Services of Austin’s (ASA) Moody Medical Clinic, a facility dedicated to patient-centered, life-affirming care for Central Texans affected by HIV.

EFA created the art program for the entrance, corridors, and exam rooms, adding uplifting elements throughout the clinic. The collection of artwork features a carefully curated series that is meant to bring joy and calmness to patients and employees of the clinic, and features the work of a number of  Austin-based artists, thematically integrating bold and cool colors to create an atmosphere of comfort and support.

Upon walking through the doors of the ASA Moody Medical Clinic, visitors are greeted by beautifully vibrant art, which collectively create a warm and welcoming space for patients to receive care. Infusing light-hearted visuals throughout the clinic, including pieces inspired by music, abstract forms, and landscapes, assists with increased positivity in mood, with the ultimate intention to improve and expedite patient healing.

EFA’s owners and founders, Terry Eaton and Robert Williams, donated the art, time and expertise needed to create and install the art program. Eaton and Williams and their team of curators, worked closely with ASA staff to design the custom wall wrapping seen in the lobby and foyer, as well as to curate each of the individual pieces on display in exam rooms and throughout the halls of the clinic.

"Our goal is to provide life affirming-care to everyone we serve. Having a space that is warm and inviting is critical to helping our patients feel they are receiving quality care from people who embrace them,” said Paul Scott, CEO AIDS Services of Austin.

The art program embraces the internal qualities that are often correlated with improved health - joy, positivity, warmth, and feelings of care. For more than 25 years, EFA has worked with brand leaders, designers and hoteliers  to develop, produce and install innovative art programs for hospitality and healthcare projects.  EFA also previously designed and curated donated art for ASA's Jack Sansing Dental Clinic as well as the ASA’s Austin-based headquarters, and continue to support the ASA as Star Partners.

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