BEA's LZR-Microscan automatic swing-door sensor

By Healthcare Facilities Today
January 16, 2014

Pittsburgh, Pa. – The new LZR-Microscan door-mounted sensor provides increased safety for swing doors. The standalone sensor uses laser-based time-of-flight technology to create self-adapting detection zones that instantly adjust to a door’s position; from completely closed to completely open and all points between.

The LZR-Microscan’s laser-based time-of-flight technology also helps eliminate nuisance detections that commonly affect other swing door safety sensors. Stack pressure, bunched carpet, stray leaves, snow and other environmental elements will not interfere with the sensor’s performance.

The LZR-Microscan is the only automatic swing door safety sensor on the market to be listed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) as a supplementary entrapment detection device. Additionally, the system combines overhead and door-mounted presence detection that exceeds ANSI 156.10 requirements, further qualifying it as one of the safest swing door sensors available.

The LZR-Microscan is extremely easy-to-install, setup and operate. This provides an added benefit to door manufacturers, installers and technicians, who will spend less time on-site and receive fewer callbacks.

A truly plug-and-play system, the LZR-Microscan is a one-size-fits-all safety sensor requiring only four installation parameters for standard setup. These parameter selections are made on the LED screen of a centralized hub, and the actual sensor requires no physical adjustments.

To learn more about BEA's products, contact your local automatic door professional, visit or call 1.800.523.2462.



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