CBIZ Releases 2023 State of Health Care Survey

The survey takes a look at healthcare plans and employee retention.

By HFT Staff

CBIZ released its inaugural 2023 State of Health Care survey that shows recruiting talent (67 percent) and retaining talent (64 percent) as top priorities for employers, trends driven by a hot job market despite concerns of a recession later this year. 

The State of Health Care survey includes responses from 869 businesses with at least 100 employees, spanning 41 states and 26 industries. The survey provides insight into employer priorities, top health plan features, and emerging mental and physical health benefit trends to watch through the remainder of 2023. 

The data was assessed from an overall perspective, as well as based on company size and industry. An interactive infographic with the results is available on the CBIZ website. Additional key findings include: 

  • Almost 35 percent of employers that don’t offer mental health wellbeing resources through their plans are open to considering options – Despite opting to provide coverage plans that do not offer certain mental health services, nearly 35 percent of businesses indicated they would like to learn more about offerings for mental health programs. Interest surpassed consideration of other offerings like weight management (18.7 percent) and financial wellbeing (14.7 percent). 
  • The majority of businesses provide mental health resources for their employees – 80 percent of employers offer mental health resources through an employee assistance program, while 68 percent provide counseling through their medical plans. 
  • Nearly two in three businesses offer a wellbeing program for employees – With retaining talent being the second most valued priority for the employers surveyed, 61.9 percent are looking to attract and retain high-performing employees in part by offering a comprehensive benefits program that includes a wellbeing component. 
  • 82 percent of employers include options for virtual behavioral health consultations – Employers are providing workers with increased options to meet with their medical professionals, both as a convenience and to help mitigate health and safety concerns amid the ongoing impact of COVID-19. 

March 24, 2023

Topic Area: Maintenance and Operations

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