California long-term care facilities build booths for visits

June 26, 2020

The manager of Rockville Terrace Senior Living and six other long-term care facilities in California  was troubled by the emotional toll the pandemic was taking on residents and their families, according to an article on the K5 website.

So he built three 8-by-8-foot visitation booths  with sheets of Plexiglas and slats of wood. They were  installed outside of Rockville Terrace and two other long-term care communities.

Residents’ family members can make 30-minute and one-hour appointments to use the booths, which separate residents from their guests with a Plexiglas barrier on three sides. 

Medical professionals examined his Plexiglas booths before they were used for visits. Facility officials say there have been  no cases of COVID-19 at the three communities using the Plexiglas booths, and they’ve facilitated about 400 visits with approximately 200 residents. 

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