HFAP Launches Compounding Pharmacy Certification

December 6, 2018

 HFAP, America’s original healthcare accreditation program founded in 1945, is launching a Compounding Pharmacy Certification program, enabling pharmacies to demonstrate their commitment to excellence and quality control.


Compounding pharmacies meticulously prepare, mix, assemble, alter, package and label medications and medical devices to meet the specifications of patient prescriptions and medical orders. Attention to detail is key, as the smallest of errors can lead to devastating consequences for patient health and safety. To ensure these preparations are successful, compounding pharmacies must establish risk management protocol that keep patient safety and quality of services top-of-mind.


“With a focus on accuracy and consistency, the HFAP Compounding Pharmacies Certification Standards provide guidance on how best to assess and reduce risk,” said Marci Ramahi, CAE, director of Accreditation/Certification Operations. “While a certification is not required, the HFAP program aims to instill best practices into everyday activities, ensuring pharmacies and specialized pharma products meet the highest standards of quality.”


During the on-site HFAP survey, the surveyor will provide an overview of the process, review all required information and assess compliance with the applicable standards through:

·         Written documentation

·         Responses to interview questions

·         Direct observation

 “The survey is meant to be an educational and collaborative experience between the surveyor and organization,” said Ramahi. “Pharmacy teams are encouraged to ask questions and discuss the survey process with our surveyors, who are professionals in the field as well.” 


The HFAP standards for Compounding Pharmacy Certification are divided into three sections: governance functions, clinical functions and support functions, with the clinical requirements adapted from theUSP Compounding Compendium and segmented into two subcategories of sterile and non-sterile compounding. 


For more information on the HFAP Compounding Pharmacy program, please visit https://hfap.org/CertificationPrograms/certificationProcess.aspx or email certification@hfap.org.


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