How Technology is Changing the Way Towel Dispensers Operate

Innovative technology is playing a role in how towel dispensers are being used.

By Mackenna Moralez
October 6, 2022

It is no secret that technology is becoming increasingly important in facilities. What most people do not consider is that these new technologies play a role in the simplest functions in facilities every day. Something as mundane as hand washing  now has a technological element to it. Healthcare Facilities Today talks with towel dispenser manufacturers on how technology is changing the way their products are used. 

In what ways will technology play a role in how towel dispensers are used in facilities? 

“Technology has led to a touchless hand washing experience, from dispensing of soap to drying of the hands. These innovations help satisfy away-from-home hand washing patrons’ need to not want to touch anything in a public restroom used by other people. In addition to the obvious hygiene benefits, the previously mentioned innovations also help in regard to sustainability, as these options to reduce paper waste have been introduced.” 

— Alan Gettelman, vice president – external affairs, Bobrick Washroom Equipment 

“Hand towel dispensers are essential in helping maintain proper levels of hygiene within a facility. With the introduction of Internet of Things technology, facilities can make sure dispensers are filled 99 percent of the time and that cleaning staff’s time is dedicated to more time critical tasks, as they know when and where a service is needed. This helps facilities save up to 20 percent of cleaning hours and reduces dispenser checks by 91 percent. Facilities that have moved to Tork Vision Cleaning have achieved 30 percent higher customer satisfaction scores and have been able to leverage the reporting tools to show adherence to safety regulations.” 

— Marika White, Tork Hygiene Advisor, Essity 

“There’s no question that touchless paper towel dispensing, which has been growing in the market for over 20 years and is now experiencing pandemic-fueled growth, will become the new normal in away-from-home facilities. As facilities continue to struggle with labor shortages and become more and more deliberate in how labor resources are deployed, I anticipate we’ll see more innovation in terms of unit capacity, ease of use and training as well as further development of smart technologies to drive additional cost, productivity and user satisfaction benefits.” 

— Julie Howard, vice president and general manager of GP PRO’s Towel and Napkin categories 

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