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Illuminating Dallas’ new Parkland Hospital

January 5, 2017

Project Summary

Challenge: Provide consistent, reliable, energy-efficient lighting products for the varied needs of the new 2.1 billion square foot Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas.

Solution: MedMaster luminaires in patient rooms, hallways, staircases, surgical suites, MRI/imaging suites and various work areas throughout the hospital.

Benefit: Kenall provided high-quality lighting products, reliability and on-time delivery that helped the lighting design team hit critical deadlines and avoid costly construction delays.

Open to patients in August of 2015, the 2.1 million square-foot Parkland Hospital in Dallas, Texas, is designed to see 30,000 people per day for the next 50 years. At the time of construction, it was the tenth largest medical construction project in the world, managed by a joint venture between the architectural firms of HDR and Corgan. It has been praised as a very successful project, delivered nearly on-time and on-budget.

“Our biggest challenge was the sheer scale of the project, so we wanted to keep the [lighting] design as simple as possible and be consistent throughout,” said Jeffrey Hargens, an electrical engineer and lighting designer at HDR-Corgan. “HDR is big on the corrections side [design and construction of jails and prisons] and we were familiar with Kenall’s quality and reputation for on-time delivery,” continued Hargens. Kenall has provided sealed, easy-to-clean, tamper resistant lighting with critical listings on other HDR jobs, so engineers were confident that Kenall could meet the demands of the Parkland Hospital job. The strength of Kenall’s warranties also factored heavily into HDR’s decision.

To keep maintenance and relamping simple, Kenall supplied MedMaster™ T5 luminaires for the 862 patient rooms.

Kenall also contributed emergency/exit lighting, LED downlights, steplights, task lighting and sealed enclosure luminaires for surgical and MRI suites.

The Parkland Hospital project was one of the largest single lighting projects in Kenall’s history – one awarded based on a reputation for consistency, quality and on-time delivery. “This is a job that you can’t have a manufacturer back out of or be late on; other suppliers had issues, but we never had any complaints with Kenall,” Hargens said.

The architectural firm selected a known supplier that has the manufacturing capacity, service and reliability to supply the demands of such a large project, including:

• Simplified maintenance

• Consistently high quality product and Peace of Mind™ guarantee*

• Certified performance: meeting or exceeding critical listings

• Kenall’s 50+ years of ‘experience’ lighting challenging applications

Kenall Lighting products installed at Parkland Hospital:

• MedMaster™ patient room luminaires: ambient, exam and multi-function

• MedMaster for Behavioral Health patient room lighting

• Mighty Mac™ patient room luminaires

• SimpleSeal™ corridor lighting

• MedMaster exam lighting

• MedMaster surgical suite lighting

• Stratalume™ task lighting

• CleanScene™ graphic panel luminaires for MRI and imaging suites

• Auracyl® wall sconces

• MedMaster sealed downlights

• MedMaster vanity lights

• SoftStep Contour™ and Mighty Mac step lights

• Lighted wayfinding and informational signage

* Only available on certain products. Consult specification sheets for details.



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