Moodsonic Partners with MSK Innovation Hub for Healthcare Soundscaping

The collaboration is for researching nature-based soundscaping for recovery in oncology settings.

By HFT Staff

Moodsonic announced a new collaboration with the MSK Innovation Hub to research nature-based soundscaping for patient recovery in the oncology setting. The goals of the collaboration are to generate new insights into how soundscapes influence the patient experience, develop new practices and technologies, and ultimately improve both patient and hospital staff’s well-being through sound.  

Healing spaces are often some of the most challenging when it comes to noise. Imagine trying to rest and recover to a soundtrack of beeping alarms, rattling carts and overheard conversations. While one cannot see noise, it significantly impacts many aspects of the patient and staff experience. Noise causes annoyance, discomfort and fatigue. It can even affect recovery times and increase surgical and dispensing errors.  

Extensive research highlights the benefits of nature-based soundscapes. Natural sounds can counter the very problems caused by noise. They have been shown to help people relax, recover, focus and generally feel comfortable and well, while simultaneously increasing privacy.  

The MSK Innovation Hub brings together clinicians, researchers and healthcare technology developers to create solutions that advance the prevention and treatment of cancer and have a positive impact on patients' lives. This collaboration will be piloted at the Josie Robertson Surgical Center in New York City, initially in post-operative recovery rooms. Together, the teams will test soundscaping technology developed by Moodsonic to hone the beneficial impact for patients recovering from cancer surgery and create multi-sensory biophilic environments.    

Moodsonic is a soundscaping company that works with many of the world’s largest organizations to create intelligent, responsive soundscapes that improve well-being in buildings like workplaces, healthcare environments and schools. Their soundscapes have been used to measurably improve outcomes like relaxation, mood, focus, creativity and perceptions of place. 

November 15, 2023

Topic Area: Interior Design

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