Round Desk Allows for Versatility and Flexibility

With beauty, performance, and pure possibility all in one, Durasein makes healthcare environments fun and rewarding to design.

By HFT Staff
September 26, 2022

Balancing form and function is rarely easy, but it can be especially challenging in healthcare design. While you may dream of planning beautiful spaces with the power to soothe or uplift, strict codes and best practices limit you to materials that are waterproof, microbe-resistant, and easy to clean and disinfect. But why not have both? 

The Result  

Unwilling to give an inch on either their creative vision or health and safety guidelines, the design team chose Durasein solid surface materials for the São Paulo Health Clinic. Made of two-thirds natural minerals and one-third high performance acrylic, it delivers on both aesthetics and performance.  

With beauty, performance, and pure possibility all in one, Durasein makes healthcare environments fun and rewarding to design. 

Project Details  

For the clinic, Architect Paulo Setubal Van Deursen designed approachable round help desks with gray counters and one-piece, seamless white sinks for the bathrooms. Thanks to Durasein’s workability, it was simple to control the size and shape, allowing the team to create curved forms that might have been impossible with marble, quartz, or wood. 

Durasein in Healthcare  

From heavy traffic to frequent cleaning, healthcare surfaces need to be safe, durable, and easy to clean, and Durasein fits the bill. Not only is it seamless, eliminating cracks and crevices where dirt and germs can be trapped, but it’s also waterproof, non-porous, chemical-resistant, easy to clean and disinfect, and anti-bacterial, going toe-to-toe with all the toughest healthcare standards.  



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