Safely eliminating unwanted residual odors from disinfection and maintenance products

By Bob Dunklau / Special to Healthcare Facilities Today
June 30, 2016


Now more than ever, healthcare facilities need to be ultra-clean in order to reduce the likelihood of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs), and achieve higher HCAHPS scores.

Much of the responsibility falls onto the shoulders of today’s hospital Environmental Services (EVS) professionals, who have to continually be the stewards of providing a clean and safe facility. In order to meet these challenges, EVS professionals need to use strong solutions that kill bacteria on an ongoing basis.

Unintended odors

One of the most significant unintended side effects of these types of solutions is odor from hydrogen peroxide, bleach, and other chemicals. From compromising the care environment to negatively impacting overall staff productivity, these odors can have a negative impact on an entire healthcare facility.

Today’s modern healthcare faculties also undergo continual flooring care, as well as painting and other renovations, which can allow these chemical odors to permeate throughout the facility at all times. Since these odors can be disruptive, many maintenance tasks need to be completed during off hours. In addition, the odors can also delay the transition of a hospital room from one patient to the next — resulting in lost revenue for the healthcare facility.

Eco-friendly solutions

Fortunately, there are more eco-friendly solutions available today that are both safe and effective, one example being Fresh Wave® IAQ. These solutions are ideal for use simultaneously or immediately following the application of cleaning, disinfecting, and/or maintenance chemical products. Free of harmful chemicals or carcinogens, the line is engineered from a blend of natural plant extracts.

These solutions are also highly effective at removing odors, not masking with synthetic fragrances.

A hospital success story

One hospital system in the Northwest opted to begin using the Fresh Wave IAQ M130 Vapor Phase Unit, which disperses Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface Liquid odor eliminating solution, for quickly eliminating residual harsh chemical odors from floor stripping activities.

The M130 proved to be a highly effective solution, and resulted in dramatically reducing odor complaints from staff, patients, and visitors. The hospital has also been able to use the units while the staff works (during regular business hours) — cutting down on labor costs while helping to expedite room turnover.

By adopting an effective odor control program to compliment their disinfecting and maintenance activities, EVS professionals have the opportunity to create a cleaner, healthier environment that positively impacts HCAHPS scores, while also achieving a positive business return-on- investment.

Bob Dunklau is the Vice President/Chief Operating Officer for OMI Industries, Inc., Fresh Wave IAQ, and Fresh Wave Natural Odor Eliminating Products.


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