Smart building automation systems can add intelligence, efficiency

July 29, 2014

Healthcare facilities differ from other buildings, making them challenging and demanding places to install and manage a building automation system (BAS), according to a blog on the FacilityCare website.

Today’s BAS offers facility managers many advantages, from ease of operations to enhanced reporting to improved energy efficiency. A systems integrator who understands the specific requirements for working within a healthcare environment can provide a hospital with an advanced, interoperable BAS and all the related benefits, the blog said.

Hospitals' patient-centric focus supersedes creates a different set of priorities for the facility that do not exist in office buildings, schools or other commercial facilities. Indoor air quality (IAQ), pressurization, sound mitigation, infection risk and control, humidification, and ventilation rates are among the crucial issues to address in the healthcare environment. 

Although hospitals have a unique mission and very specific requirements for conditions in their facilities, hospital operators can still achieve the same benefits from the BAS as other building operators can, according to the blog.

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