Sunburst Chemicals Introduces Conserv SG 81 Combination Fabric Softener & Sour, Designed to Work in Hard Water Conditions

March 15, 2017

Sunburst Chemicals has introduced Conserv SG81, a new fabric softener and sour combination for commercial laundries that has been specifically designed to work in hard water conditions and helps prevent hard water deposits from building up. The product is a unique blend of laundry softener, conditioner and neutralizing ingredients that lubricates fibers to reduce friction and eliminate static electricity.  Conserv SG81 also reduces drying time by providing more complete water extraction.  Linens are left clean, white, bright, soft and fresh with a pleasant fragrance.

Conserv SG 81 Fabric Softener and Sour joins Sunburst’s Conserv Energy System laundry product line.  This program provides the best overall value by reducing energy requirements needed for laundering but still producing impressive results.   

Conserv SG 81 is available in 2 x 4 lbs/case.

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