Does Vermont's largest hospital have an effective active shooter plan?

October 6, 2017

Does Vermont's largest hospital have an effective active shooter plan? "We revise the plan every year. We practice it as we can. It's not that easy of a thing to practice, but we do do several drills throughout the year with different areas," said Jack Conry, Director of Security, Safety and Parking at UVM Medical Center, according to an article on the My Champlain Valley website.

Conry says the hospital's active shooter plan was developed in 2012 with city and UVM police. The plan is based on recommendations from Homeland Security on "Run, Hide, Fight." 

"We do train staff that if they see unusual behavior or see unusual behavior, any kinds of threats, those kinds of situations, that they alert us so we can develop some kind of security or a safety plan," said Conry.

Following recent violence at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, UVM hospital officials say there have been requests to go over safety procedures. The hospital has not said when it will revise its policy again.

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