Infographic: Healthcare facilities should use the cloud

By Steve Johnson / Special to Healthcare Facilities Today
November 16, 2017


Small businesses are always looking for an edge, including those in the healthcare industry. Anything that can make you leaner, more efficient and more effective than your larger competitors can make a huge difference. Scheduling patients and billing, for instance, can be handled much more efficiently with cloud-based software if you have little or no staff.

Cloud computing offers some significant benefits when compared to traditional models of IT. When facilities embrace cloud computing for their IT needs, they gain flexibility and scalability that allow them to meet their customers’ needs faster and more effectively. 

They also benefit from slashing their overhead costs and gaining additional security and peace of mind. Despite these advantages, however, a significant number of healthcare facilities still have been reluctant to adopt cloud computing as an added advantage for their companies. 

With everything we now know about the benefits of cloud computing, there’s simply no reason for most healthcare practices not to take the plunge.

Facilities that take advantage of cloud computing eliminate the need for costly server equipment on their premises, which substantially reduces overhead costs. It also cuts down on the amount of time they have to spend on performing server upgrades and updating security software, because their cloud providers should be able to handle all of those updates automatically – and, yes, while being HIPAA compliant. 

This also provides healthcare facilities with peace of mind because they know their software will never be outdated.

Cloud computing also provides the flexibility needed to compete with larger players. Because they can work anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi connection, small healthcare facilities can more effectively juggle their responsibilities and stay connected wherever they are. 

These are just some of the many reasons why cloud computing can make a huge difference for a health care practice. For more compelling reasons, see the inforgraphic.

Steve Johnson is president of Maryland Computer Service.


Why Small Businesses Should Use The Cloud created by Maryland Computer Service
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