Healthcare CEO gives tips for smarter business intelligence

By Healthcare Facilities Today
March 18, 2014

In a Q&A with Healthcare IT News, Glenn Steele Jr., MD, president and chief executive officer of Geisinger Health System, said a healthcare system depends on the insightful use of data to drive behavior change.

Q: What are some doable, practicable tips you could offer for putting BI tools to work?

A: I think the biggest piece of advice is to look at the functionality you want first . . . and understand the nuance of the various systems, whether they're hospital-based or ambulatory.

And then work backwards, from: "What is it going to take to get a different functional outcome than the one I'm getting now?" And there's almost no outcome that can't be improved.

The second thing to consider is: "What is my capacity, based on my structure, based on my size, based on my access to capital, what is realistic to me? And if I can't achieve the optimal function, how am I going to have to change?"

 "What can I do that has a great probability of success, early on?"

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