ePIPE Awarded Canadian Patent: Methods and Systems for Coating and Sealing Piping Systems

July 10, 2018

Pipe Restoration Technologies, LLC (PRT), makers of the ePIPE® Lead-Free, Leak-Free™ pipe restoration product line, announced today that it has been awarded Canadian Patent #2931789 for the ePIPE in-place epoxy coating system. This innovative pipe restoration technology effectively and safely seals leaks and protects water supply pipes from leaking. The ePIPE process is a modern alternative to a re-piping.
The patented, minimally-invasive ePIPE process restores pipes as small as 1/2'' in diameter in-place providing improved protection from lead leaching and leakage. Potable water lines, natural gas lines, HVAC systems, drains and fire sprinkler pipes in homes, apartments, high-rise hotels, office buildings, skyscrapers, condominiums and schools can be treated.
ePIPE is approved by NSF for an immediate return to service in as little as 90 minutes. ePIPE epoxy coatings provide one of the fastest return to service epoxy lining products in the world, designed to protect drinking water pipes from leaks to enable water conservation, as well as reduce lead in water. Using ePIPE, lead and copper levels are reduced to below the World Health Organization’s (WHO) cut-off levels.  
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