Construction and Design - September 2013

Take a photo tour of Mercy Health - Rookwood Medical Center

Cincinnati health center project's highly visible location came with it's own set of challenges


Honored hospice design focuses on resident-centered care

Private conversation area for families, residential style restrooms contribute to homey feel


Bridgeport Hospital builds new plaza to improve safety of entrance

The $5 million project includes greenery, a sheltered walkway and a water sculpture


Are hospitals getting too posh?

With some new healthcare facilities becoming harder to differentiate from hotels - how is cost, care effected?


Renovation of Stanford's Hoover Pavilion balances preservation and practicality

Space houses clinics, physicians’ offices, a health library, and a pharmacy


Energy savings project reveals potential hospital catastrophe

The potential hazard that was overlooked for 20 years was scary, but not unusual


India hospital planted in a garden setting

Tata Medical Center designed to be open, transparent, and welcoming


Take a photo tour of LourdesCare facility in N.J.

The 55,000-square-foot ambulatory care center was converted from a vacant supermarket


Design of Alaskan clinic reflects culture of patients

Building 'shouts' the Athabascan culture in its colors, forms and artwork


Outpatient and research facility designed to encourage foot traffic

Boston building built like a busy city to encourage unplanned encounters and random meetings


Singapore launches green building initiative

Agency study shows retrofitted buildings already saving $24 million a year


Healthcare building facades create a positive first impression

Four examples of inspiring designs make an immediate connection with patients


Recycling big-box retail into sustainable healthcare space

Deconstructing a facility can present more challenges than starting from scratch


Singapore hospital designed with a 'Four Seasons' influence

Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, specializing in heart and vascular treatment, neurosciences, orthopedics, and surgery, aspires to be 'hospital of the future'


Palliative care unit designs focus on calm and comfort

Quiet, homelike atmostphere key to de-stressing patients and families


Maintaining attractive design elements key to patient satisfaction

Budget limitations another reason to purchase and manage furnishings cost-effectively


Stricter hospital alarm rules will start in 2014

'Alarm fatigue' blamed for change in Joint Commission regulations


The operating room is redefined as new technologies emerge

Careful planning and design can benefit patient care and cost efficiency


Restroom design can influence perception of facility

Poor design choices can create a bad first impression


Boston rehab hospital designed to be as inclusive, sustainable and accessible

Architectural details reflect waterfront location as play a role in patients' healing process


Design-build renovations can cut costs, problems in hospital projects

Design-build avoids potential problems by enabling coordination before construction, which can save money and time


Cancer patients' special needs drive design decisions

A soothing environment can help mitigate stress, raise comfort levels and create better psychological health


Green healthcare design's big price tag largely a myth

Study shows cost increase of 1-2 percent for LEED certified projects


Sound-absorbing ceiling tile can help improve hospital acoustics

Technology, planning and design choices can also help avoid noise in patient rooms


Conversion of retail sites to healthcare has a price

Convenient locations may increase patient buy-in to wellness



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