Interior Design - April 2015

Healthcare interiors serving needs in changing ways

Healthcare interiors are serving patient, family, and staff needs in a way that would be unrecognizable to recently past generations, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Healthcare facility flooring options

Options include first adhesive free flooring and designs that mimic our internal clockwork


Healthcare facilities embracing lighting that inspires comfort and confidence

Lighting can be an essential design element influencing the staff, patient and visitor's perception of the hospital experience


Designing maternity facilities for millennials

Facilities may need to accommodate natural birth options such as midwife deliveries, doulas, acupuncture, water births, and offering tools such as birthing balls or ropes


Study suggests 'soft' floors reduce falls

A Swedish study recently published in Injury Prevention looked at the effect impact-absorbing flooring had on minimizing injuries from falls, according to an article on the Long-Term Living magazine


Healthcare flooring affects patient well-being

A large but often forgotten part of this 'good design' equation is flooring


Study: Impact-absorbent flooring curbs injuries

Flooring shown to help prevent injuries from falls inside nursing homes


Long-term facilities reinventing rehab

More facilities are looking at ways to add it to their portfolio of services


Designing for needs of cancer patients

Interiors throughout common, treatment, patient services and staff areas should focus on patients' needs


Understanding aging key to designing senior facilities

Connecticut hospital's uses design solutions for lighting, acoustics, and signage to better support its older patients, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Lobby terrarium design solved contamination issues

The focal point of the Rush University Medical Center's Edward A. Brennan Entry Pavilion is a three-story, open-air terrarium, which introduces an exterior landscaped space into the interior


Designing retail clinics

The evolution of healthcare delivery is calling for retailers to rethink their spaces, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website



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