Maintenance and Operations - May 2014

Employee smoking bans a hot topic

To address this incongruence of smoking and healthcare, some health systems have started barring smokers - even those who don't work in clinical and patient support roles - from employment


Continuing process improvements can lower cost, raise quality

Successful improvement projects move through four stages: identifying the problem, researching a solution, changing the way people work and maintaining the change


Quieter hospitals can help healing

Specially designed quiet latches and sound-reducing exit devices can help limit the disturbances to patients and staff


IFMA Health Care Institute releases report on medical facilities' future

The report was developed from interviews with 30+ CEOs, strategic planners, facilities managers, deputy administrators, financial analysts and chief medical officers


Hospital linen safety infographic

New Orleans Times-Picayune publishes infographic on hospital linen cleaning process in wake of deadly fungal outbreak


New accreditation program offered for small hospitals

Comprehensive accreditation program is customized for rural hospitals, critical access hospitals and small hospitals with less than 200 beds


Americans link cleanliness with level of care in senior facilities

Study says other expectations include hotel-like amenities, such as fresh, convenient food items, comfort and ambiance


Futurist sees massive consolidation of hospitals

Consolidation of hospitals could mean that there will be 100 to 200 large regional systems around the country


St. Louis-based health system to create virtual-care center

3 million telehealth visits are expected in the next five years, according to an article on the Healthcare Informatics website


Sacred music or showtunes for long-term care?

Studies say both religious music and Broadway singalongs benefit seniors


Additional funds sought for California prison health facility

Governor is proposing a $12.4 million increase to the California Health Care Facility's general fund in the revised budget


ASHRAE continues work on Legionellosis standard

A fourth public review draft of Standard 188P, Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems, which has been substantially rewritten from previous versions, is expected to be approved and made available during the summer


Study on laundered towels finds E. Coli, tetanus

Ninety-three percent of the laundered towels used to clean hospital rooms contained bacteria that could result in hospital-acquired infections


Variable refrigerant flow zoning a flexible option for healthcare

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities have the individual room control needs for which VRF zoning is designed


Healthcare culinary competition finalists announced

Top culinary professionals from the healthcare industry will compete in the Association for Healthcare Foodservice (AHF) 2014 Culinary Competition


Hospital lean 'myths' questioned

Hospital consultant says standardization actually leads to better outcomes


CMS offers new equipment maintenance options

Change could help healthcare facilities maintain equipment properly while conserving resources


India's hospital train brings care to rural areas

Train is staffed by surgeons and equipped with a state-of-the-art operating room


Household dining model cheaper, tastier

Long-Term Living article says using satellite kitchens results in lower net costs for communities and an improved dining experience for residents


Study says serving sorbet before nursing home meals increases food intake

Nursing home residents who have a sorbet appetizer tend to eat more at mealtime and maintain their weight


Does automated hand-hygiene monitoring work?

A recent review of published information on automated hand hygiene systems found that less than 20 percent of the articles included calculations for efficiency or accuracy


Bacteria in hospital ice machines blamed for patient death

Legionella bacteria found in hospital ice machines at UPMC Presbyterian contributed to one patient's death and sickened two others


Carpet tiles making a comeback

Ease of installation can make modular carpeting less disruptive for a long-term care facility


Key elements to clean restrooms

Long-Term Living article lists six steps to a clean restroom


Carpeting offering new options for care facilities

Article on Long-term Living website says long-term care and rehabilitation facilities are using their remodeling phases as a chance to explore new carpeting options


Hospital-affiliated gyms grow in popularity

Health-facility-affiliated gyms are generally more costly than some commercial gyms, but members value the connection with healthcare professionals



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