Information Technology - January 2015

Clinicians' use of mobile devices increasing

Twenty-eight percent of all U.S. hospitals reported using smartphones in 2014 compared with 26 percent in 2013


Survey shows acceptance of video doctor visits growing

Sixty-four percent of patients recently surveyed saying they are would consider a video chat with their doctor instead of an in-person visit


Case Study: Using Wi-Fi to keep up with changing patient needs

Through access to the Wi-Fi network, patients are able to gain an insight into their own treatment


New Kaiser hospital features updated technology

New California seismic standards spurred many hospitals to decide whether to replace or retrofit facilities


The 'Internet of things' can offer solutions or new problems

Healthcare facility professionals will have to keep up with increasing rates of technological change


Acronyms facility managers should know

Computer-aided design (CAD) is full of acronyms that facility managers should know


Mobile options for emergency communication

Many healthcare facilities don't take advantage of mobile solutions for emergency management


Supply chain technology can save time, money

New software and devices can help to keep track of hospital supplies


New technologies aid hospital design and construction

Tablet, cloud computing boost communication, efficiency


Technology boosting building efficiency

BIM, other technologies improving building performance



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