Facility Operations - May 2015

Going green no longer optional for hospitals

Many eco-friendly elements hospitals have incorporated are hardly visible, yet very impactful


Gas cut off at five Pakistan hospitals

Hospitals lose gas supply because of outstanding payments


North Florida Regional Medical Center tailors guest services program to meet patient needs

Center needed a partner to handle some guest service responsibilities so security personnel could focus solely on securing the hospital


Welsh Hospital cited for kitchen, hygiene failings

Out-of-date food and bad hand hygiene found at Glan Clwyd Hospital in Denbighshire


Healthier Hospitals Initiative wraps up

Initiative will remain a Practice Greenhealth program


Is patient bathing or contact precaution best to reduce MRSA spread?

Study says bathing patients with chlorhexidine is slightly more effective


N.Y. healthcare facility holds three-day disaster drill

Massena Memorial Hospital staff practices for potential fire, explosion


Hospital patients moved amidst concerns over water supply

James Cook University Hospital in UK called move a 'precautionary measure' as further testing is conducted


Tips for infectious-waste disposal

Facility found that more than 50 percent of items disposed of as infectious waste would fall into the general waste category


Touchless door access switch help curb healthcare facility infections

Touchless door switches allow patients, staff to open an automatic door with a hand wave


Q&A on the effective date of the new 2012 Life Safety Code

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question on the effective date of the new 2012 Life Safety Code


Damaged mattresses can be infection traps

Infographic shows potential risks hiding beneath the linen


Healthcare facility barrier management requires set protocols

Knowing when and where contractors or staff are entering barriers is important in ensuring the code compliance


Smartphones replace pagers at N.H. hospital

Catholic Medical Center uses phones with apps designed to streamline patient care


Holiday decorations perk up long-term care facilities

Frequently updated decorations on bulletin boards are seasonal reminders of upcoming holidays and make the facility more festive for the residents, according to an article on the Long-term Living website


Indian hospitals to be assessed on pest control

Facilities will have to ensure that there are no 'stray animals', cobwebs and birds' nests within the premises


Hospital renovation efforts include push for better hand hygiene

Northwestern Memorial Hospital refurbishment program included equipment and product upgrades to the hospital's restrooms


Mobile healthcare facilities ready for disasters

Memorial Hospital of Carbondale's Disaster Blasters enable the disaster preparedness team to set up a 300-bed field hospital


OSHA and NIOSH release hospital respiratory toolkit

The kit is to be used by healthcare employers to protect staffers from airborne transmissible infectious diseases


Small Vermont hospital launches solar project

Grace Cottage Hospital in Townshend to install solar panel as part of its energy efficiency efforts


Q&A on seclusion rooms

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question on seclusion rooms


Digital displays in healthcare facilities more common

Interactive donor walls, digital wayfinding signage and patient-facing digital messaging platforms are among new technological advances


Textile technology may protect patients and staff

Technology can reduce the transmission of hospital-acquired infections


Benefits of a master plan

A healthcare facility master plan can lay the groundwork for more efficient operations and building systems, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Equipment and software can help environmental services effectiveness

Understanding the ES process is critical to maximizing the performance and productivity of its staff


Operating room HVAC system must maintain safe conditions efficiently

ORs should use occupied/unoccupied ventilation control systems


Pest thresholds key for healthcare facilities

Expectations and environment also must come into play when working to improve a pest management program


Hospital addresses security issues with window film

St. Luke's Hospital in Houston sought a long-term solution for disaster preparedness


NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital coordinates fire and life safety inspections throughout six campuses

Coordination effort needed to support organizational goals and to ensure compliance with outside agency regulations


St. Paul hospital cuts $1.1 million in energy costs

Sustainability team started by installing occupancy sensors for both HVAC and lighting controls all over the building


ERs are most vulnerable to healthcare facility violence

Training, risk assessment needed to address problem


Reducing healthcare facility workplace violence

Active shooter training is something to consider


Healthcare facilities focusing on hotel-quality service

Hospitals are borrowing fundamentals from the hospitality industry to improve patient experience


Ohio nursing facility moving toward restaurant-style food service

Staffing several kitchens throughout the facility adds the ability to serve more varieties of food at the proper temperature


Just-in-time buying can control supply chain costs

But some say it's too risky to keep inventories lean


Identifying sustainable operations needs in healthcare facilities

Sustainable operations pushes the organization to operate healthier facilities that reduce healthcare costs and promote a healthy community


UK hospitals cut cleaning staffs, call in more rat catchers

NHS hospitals are calling in rat catchers and pest control teams every week after 2,000 cleaners were let go, according to an an article on the Mirror website


Human observation boosts hand-hygiene compliance

Researchers observe a significant influence among healthcare workers in an ICU


Healthcare facilities electrical safety standards guide revised

Manual on healthcare technology management and facilities engineering has undergone a major update


Healthcare facilities tighten security after emergency room violence

Hospitals invest in better locks, security staff, more cameras, risk assessment and staff training


Will holographic doctors be making house calls?

With virtual doctor's visits via kiosks and home computers and robots in healthcare facilities, holographic doctor visits be not be far behind, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Q&A on soiled utility rooms

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question on soiled utility rooms


Solar power is trending in healthcare energy management

Solar power is being used at more and more healthcare campuses


Reducing healthcare facility energy consumption

The most important thing to do when trying to reduce energy consumption is to measure it


Master planning key to growth or consolidation

Case studies of Boston Medical Center and Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center show master planning is become a far more complex process than ever before, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Kansas healthcare facility cuts energy use by 12 percent

Lane County Hospital in Dighton completes electrical and mechanical upgrades throughout the hospital


Healthcare facilities getting ready for rapidly changing climate

Climate change deteriorates the air quality, creates food- and waterborne illnesses and causes an uptick in extreme weather events


Leapfrog releases spring safety scores

Becker's Hospital Review lists five things to know about scores and the new Leapfrog features


Q&A on deadbolt locks on office doors

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question about deadbolt locks on office doors


Five steps for long-term care facility security

The right staff, realistic security policies and procedures, staff/resident security training and integrated security technology are all key to a successful long-term care facility security system, according to an article on the Long-Term Living website


Managing energy use in the operating room

Operating room energy efficiency efforts must be balanced against stricter infection control monitoring


Creating a fire barrier management plan

Life safety concerns continue to be a central focus for healthcare accrediting agencies



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