Security - June 2020

Long Island emergency staff wants more security after bomb scare

Two floors, including the emergency room, were evacuated in the incident


Battling COVID with a video camera

With the continued need for social distancing, hospitals are seeking ways to distance healthcare workers form contagious patients


Indiana hospital security guard shoots, kills patient and fellow guard during assault

Patient had attacked nurse and was choking guard that was killed


Improving facility door security as crime risk increases

Door can have vulnerabilities that can be exploited


Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Dead-bolt lock on closet door

Brad Keyes discusses regulations for a dead-bolt lock on closet door


Protecting healthcare facilities from drones

There continues to be a sharp increase in uses for drones - both positive and negative


Survey finds almost 75 percent of campuses use multiple emergency notification systems

But this total represents a drop since the last survey


Minneapolis hospital cancels surgeries over safety concerns

Emergency procedures continued but other surgeries were postponed


Healthcare facilities urged to redefine their culture

Establishing a career path and offering continued development is important


Maine healthcare facility switches to in-house security

The decision was made after an assessment of the physical environment



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