Emergency preparedness - strategies, tips and insights for the healthcare facilities management industry

Preparing Healthcare Facilities for Severe Thunderstorms

Florida Hospital Experiences Two Power Outages in Less Than 24 Hours

Strengthening Healthcare Emergency Management

How Healthcare Facilities Management Can Respond to Disasters

Are Rural Healthcare Facilities Prepared for Climate Change?

Emergency Preparedness: Addressing Compliance Challenges

Brockton Hospital to Remain Close for Three Months

Fire Breaks Out at Brockton Hospital

Healthcare Workers Struggle with Emergency Codes

FGI Resource Targets Facilities Readiness for Emergencies

How Digital Codes and Standards Are Affecting Healthcare Infrastructure

Backup Power Keeps Hospitals Operating in Times of Crisis

Access Control Systems Reevaluated in Wake of Mass Shootings

Strategic Planning for Healthcare Workers’ Safety and Health

How Facilities Managers Can Better Prepare for Emergencies

Strategic Emergency Preparedness for Healthcare Facilities 

Emergency Preparedness Now a Year-Round Challenge

Two Emergency Preparedness Tactics for Healthcare Facilities

Disaster Preparedness – Considerations On Cybersecurity And Resiliency

Can Nursing Homes Social Distance If The Power Goes Off During A Hurricane?

Louisiana Hospitals Prepared For Delta While Dealing With Covid

California Senior Care Homes Still Aren’t Ready for Wildfires

Orlando Hospitals Remind Public That Medical Facilities Are Not Hurricane Shelters

Hospitals Prepare For Hurricane Season During Pandemic

What if hospitals face a hurricane and coronavirus at the same time?

Coronavirus complicates hurricane planning

COVID-19 would complicate hospital evacuations

Resilient design for healthcare facilities about more than disasters

The key to an effective emergency plan

Hurricane Florence repairs nearly complete at North Carolina hospital

Army Corps of Engineers stayed ahead of building challenge by being proactive

Puerto Rico still lacking proper medical facilities since hurricane

Steps for effective emergency preparedness

Kaiser Permanente prepares for disasters based on experience

Preparing healthcare facilities for a disaster

Tips for life-safety and emergency prep in longterm care facilities

California hospital creates disaster carts

Steps for effective emergency preparedness

Creating a healthcare facility emergency plan

A Houston hospital stays afloat during extreme weather

Calif. hospital hospital rests on rollers to withstand earthquakes

California hospital disaster planning conference dealing with new normal

Hospitals working to meet the challenge of seismic safety

Hundreds of Tampa Bay area nursing homes, assisted living facilities still without backup power

Fla. hospital's hurricane shelter plan may be collapsing

Report says Florida needs to do more to fight disease, other threats

U.S. disaster preparedness is slowing

Seismic safety rules expensive for Sonoma County hospitals

N.C. residents oppose construction of ‘essential’ hospital water system

Seismic-event-ready California hospital themed for natural elements

Miami Beach hospital designed for coastal weather events

Staffing up during a crisis

Cape Cod healthcare facilities ready for storms

Creating a healthcare facility emergency plan

Hospitals in Belize to be safer, green and more resilient

Mobile acute services hospitals created as an independent pod-based system of drones

Critical weather intelligence makes the difference in volunteer hurricane relief efforts

Meeting the requirements for emergency equipment

Building a compliant emergency preparedness program

Fla. nursing homes want more time on generator requirements

When hurricane hit, most long-term care facilities hadn’t finished backup power plans

S.C. opens special shelter, evacuates hospital inpatient services ahead of flooding

A year after Hurricane Irma, there are still nursing home preparedness concerns

California senior-facilities’ staffs allegedly abandoned residents during Tubbs Fire

How UC Medical Center dealt with Cincinnati shooting

Hundreds of Fla. assisted living facilities without critical equipment

Hawaii hospitals prepared for Hurricane Lane patients

Managing patient surges with social media

How healthcare facilities survive natural disasters

New Cape Cod healthcare facility being built to survive strongest hurricanes

27 Hawaii hospitals join for disaster drill

Missouri hospitals built to withstand tornadoes

Ohio healthcare facility drills for an active shooter incident

Florida nursing homes say they're ready for hurricane season

Survey says: Most hospitals aren't ready for mass tragedy

Boston hospitals prepare for tragedy

Hospital rebuilt with safety features after tornado

Utah hospital practices for earthquake aftermath

How hospitals respond to mass casualties like Toronto’s van attack

When will Fla.'s mandated nursing home generators be inspected?

Vegas hospital CEO: 'Drill like it's the real thing'

Severe weather: The four extreme threats safety personnel need to know

Drivers struggle to bring doctors, organs to hospital during blizzard in Ireland

Calif. healthcare facility could lose beds if not earthquake compliant by 2030

Report finds U.S. hospitals ill-equipped for large disasters

Mass notification systems are becoming more common

How to prepare your facility for a nuclear attack

False alarm a preparedness wake-up call for Maui County

Low water pressure forces closures for New Orleans hospitals

Ham radio operators train to help healthcare facilities, others in disasters

CDC to issue guidance to prepare for nuclear war

Boston area healthcare facilities were prepared for storm

Amtrak derailment emergency response went well

Key points in mass-casualty disaster planning

Hospitals save lives and money by investing in climate resilience

Los Angeles launches seismic program with compliance notices

12 Florida nursing home patient deaths ruled homicides

Interoperability lessons learned from disasters

Las Vegas hospital offers lessons in disaster planning

Report explores emergency preparedness for healthcare facilities

The deadline is today: Is your emergency communications plan ready?

Florida nursing home now in compliance with emergency generator directive

New weather data technology can raise alarm ahead of extreme events

CMS emergency preparedness deadline is a week away

Houston hospital still closed after Harvey

Los Angeles hospital to close, cites costs of retrofitting

What to know about the CMS emergency preparedness rule's communication plan requirement

Florida moves to shut down nursing home where 14 died during Irma

Some flexibility seen in Florida nursing home generator order

Healthcare facilities must have business continuity plan

One Texas nursing home evacuation began with a gun drawn

Hospitals evacuate as California wildfires spread

USNS Comfort responds to second hospital generator failure in Puerto Rico

Making a healthcare facility disaster-ready

Las Vegas hospitals request aid to treat shooting victims

Some nursing home disaster plans called paper tigers

Having a vision to withstand disaster

Fla. healthcare facilities rush to implement new regulations

Florida nursing home deaths blamed on preventable chaos

HHS offers hurricane preparation guidance

Most Florida healthcare facilities were ready for Irma

Florida nursing home where 11 died had emergency plan with no mention of air conditioning

Emails show three Savannah hospitals backpedaled on hurricane response

Jacksonville-area hospitals responded to Irma with detailed emergency plans

State shuts down nursing home where 9 people died

Five years after Sandy, NYC hospitals may be ready for the next big storm

$2.5 million in medications could go bad without power at Florida clinic

9 dead at Florida nursing home left without air conditioning

Hurricane Irma evacuees come to N.C. hospitals

St. Thomas hospital suffers catastrophic failure

Tampa hospitals weighed evacuation options before Irma

Central Florida hospitals evacuated, locked down ahead of Irma

In better news, eclipse went off without a healthcare hitch

How UVA Health System responded to the Charlottesville rally

Utah facility well-stocked with medical supplies in case of disaster

Houston VA hospital prepares for aftermath

Harvey highlights need for emergency plans

Guam healthcare officials ramp up security plans

Key components to severe weather preparedness

Some Portland-area healthcare facilities planning eclipse-related closures, service cuts

Oregon hospital prepares to care for eclipse watchers

Some California hospitals don’t pass quake test

Iowa healthcare facility prepares for helipad chopper crash

Duke University Hospital gets mobile water filtration system

Don’t get caught in the dark, make sure your backup power is hurricane ready

Texas hospital ready for hazardous material emergencies

California hospital moves patients ahead of potential flood

Central Florida expecting busy year of healthcare construction

Broward Health CEO discusses Fort Lauderdale airport shooting

Healthcare facilities feel impact of extreme heat

Orlando healthcare facility's mass casualty drills helped them prepare for shooting

California hospital buildings need seismic upgrades

After power outage, Ohio surgeon completes surgery aided by cellphones

Houston Methodist Hospital automates control of emergency power supply system

Hurricane Matthew put N.C. hospital to the test

Safeguarding imaging facilities

New Orleans VA hospital designed to be disaster resistant

Managing an emergency or natural disaster

New plant to keep Mass. hospital running during disaster

Healthcare facility C-suite's role in a disaster readiness efforts

Getting a healthcare facility disaster ready

The CMS preparedness rule presents opportunity

Legrand to Donate up to $100k in Matched Employee Contributions to Red Cross Natural Disaster Relief Efforts

Illinois hospital conducts power failure evacuation drill

Colorado healthcare facilities train for disaster

Ways healthcare facilities can support staff after a disaster

Mock drill coordinates efforts of N.Y. community hospitals

Tennessee hospital now StormReady

Disaster drills key to mass-shooter response

Fire closes California hospital

Louisiana hospitals up and running through flooding

Chicago hospitals prepared for Lollapalooza rush

Philly hospitals ready for potential convention issues

Hospitals prepare for political conventions

Phoenix Children's Hospital certified as 'StormReady'

When active shooters invade healthcare facilities, having a plan matters

Hospital emergency preparedness initiative goes national

Penn. healthcare facilities equipped for mass shooting

Hospital constantly updates disaster-response plans

Security planning for healthcare facility emergencies

How healthcare facilities respond to mass shootings

Missouri hospitals prepare for severe weather

Healthcare facilities can use model crisis plans to address disasters

New Joplin hospital built to weather storms

Alaska hospital takes part in 3-day disaster drill

Dealing with water outages

New Joplin hospital to open four years after tornado

Ensuring your emergency messaging system is disaster-ready

Mississippi hospital storm ready

California hospital plans seismic study

White House report tells hospitals how to prepare for climate change

Snow brings chaos, loss to Buffalo nursing home

Pakistani hospitals set up disaster management wards

Palm Springs hospital unveils emergency phone system

FEMA offers resources for digital disaster prep

Military offers lessons for dealing with mass casualties

Nebraska hospital hit with severe flooding

N.Y. hospital to get $1.1 billion for Hurricane Sandy repairs

During natural disasters, hospital resilience is key

Australian health executive remembers flood evacuation

Missouri hospital participates in national earthquake drill

Use of mass notification systems during an emergency

Oklahoma hospital designed for severe weather

Involving security in an emergency situation

Mock disaster drills held at Connecticut senior facility

New Hampshire hospitals take part in pandemic exercise

West Virginia hospital holds decontamination drill

Mobile hospital becomes temporary medical center

Manhattan hospitals partner for disaster drill

Portsmouth hospital practices for disasters

Staten Island hospital gets $12 million protective funding for power unit

HIEs can improve disaster planning

Hospital staff prepares for decontamination emergency

Preparing for severe weather

Nursing home tornado shelters recommended

Oklahoma hospital prepares well before the storm

Mock disaster tests Ontario hospital privacy procedures

Florida hospital on mock 'high alert'

Senator pushes FEMA to OK $20M for New York healthcare facilities

Nebraska hospital hosts mass-casualty incident exercise

One year after flood, Illinois hospital is more prepared

Boston hospitals apply lessons learned from bombing

Healthcare providers preparing for climate change

Ohio hospitals hold mass-casualty exercise

Disabled helicopter removed from hospital roof

UNM Hospital staff trains at FEMA facility

New, past violent events spark facility emergency drills

Hospitals simulate infectious disease disaster

British Columbia hospital to boost emergency generator capacity

Lincoln hospitals hold winter storm disaster training

NH hospital personnel train for disasters

Changes in Joint Commission standards for environment of care coming

CMS rule on emergency preparedness would establish national requirements

Researching disaster helps hospital plan

Surviving a disaster can change emergency plan

CMS proposes emergency preparedness rule

Georgia hospital says it's snow-ready

CMS proposes rule on emergency preparedness

Tougher emergency preparedness rules proposed for long-term care facilities

Illinois hospital drill strives for failure

New EPA clean air rules will affect hospital power systems

Facilities staff find 50-year-old 'treasure' hidden in hospital basement

Isolated Colorado hospital braces for winter after surviving flood

Super storms put focus on building resilient hospitals

St Louis hospital gets 'Storm Ready' status

N.Y. hospital building projects prepare facilities for future superstorms

Hospitals addressing problems from flooding one year after Sandy

More progress needed to prepare hospitals for natural disasters.

Washington hospital prepares for disaster

Hospital team's response during Marathon bombings offers lessons for management under pressure.

Thai healthcare system disaster management looks at Japan model

Connecticut hospital tests and trains emergency responders

Look for lighting that exceeds emergency standard for healthcare facilities

Billings Clinic practices for power outage

Infection control should be part of disaster plan

Hospitals make significant progress in disaster readiness

Combined heat and power systems reduce energy use and outage risk

Hospitals look past codes to set power reliability minimums

Ensuring fail-safe power in emergencies

Rockford hospitals lauded for storm readiness

Hospital disaster preparation evolves

Hospitals building coalitions to ensure business continuity

Boston bombing tests area hospital's disaster response plans

U.S. government grants top $916 million for healthcare disaster preparedness

Joplin hospital rebuilds, aiming to withstand monster tornados

NYC hospitals improving emergency preparedness post Sandy



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