Survey: COVID Hasn’t Changed Large Employers Support Of On-Site Clinics

September 4, 2020

A recent survey by the Business Group on Health found that 58 percent of 122 large employers surveyed  said they are operating an on-site clinic, according to an article on the Fierce Healthcare article.

Another 3 percent said their first clinic will open next year. Eleven percent said they are considering opening a clinic in 2022 or 2023.

According to the report, on-site clinics are flexible enough to adapt to the current landscape and provide COVID-19  and virtual care.

Nearly a quarter  of those surveyed  said they're aiming to circumvent some of the traditional delivery system, while 5 percent  said they plan to pursue alternative payment and delivery models.

Workplace clinics and wellness centers have been gaining popularity in recent years. In Southeast Michigan, for instance  self-funded employers or unions have opened healthcare facilities to save money on their health insurance costs, according to an Crains Detroit Business article.

Read the full Fierce Healthcare article.


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