Part 1: The Case for Training Facilities Staff

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The Case for Training Facilities Staff

January 22, 2021

Healthcare facility managers too often fail to understand the need for training among their employees, and retention is always a top consideration in such decisions. “What if we train them and they leave?” managers ask. The best answer to this question is another question: “What if you don’t train them and they stay?”

Next to human capital, facility infrastructure and operations are two of the highest costs for healthcare facilities, according to Health Facilities Management. Why do companies not invest in human capital by providing continuous training to support costly infrastructure and equipment? Simple: Training is expensive and viewed as an expense, rather than an investment.

OSHA reports that hospitals are one of the most hazardous places to work. In fact, hospitals report more loss of work days due to injury than construction, manufacturing or private industry. Often, hospitals create training programs to meet the training requirement but fail to properly train staff to avoid injuries.

OSHA also reports, “Work in hospitals is dynamic and unpredictable. A worker must be prepared to respond or react to various situations with split-second decisions.” The job of the health care facilities staff is vitally important to the bottom line care of the individual patient, and they must be trained to reduce expenses and to meet the demand of providing lifesaving service.

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