Maintaining Joint Commission accreditation

October 22, 2014

One of the biggest challenges the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is keeping a facility continuously accredited by The Joint Commission. Various state agencies utilize Joint Commission accreditation as a condition for Medicare payments, so accreditation becomes even more critical, according to the Healthcare Facilities Symposium newsletter.

In the article, authors Lourdes Gonzalez, Rosa Lazebnik and Amanda Beck, offer insights on how to correct or avoid key issues, including LS.02.01.10 – Building and fire protection features are designed and maintained to minimize the effects of fire, smoke and heat.

According to the article, citations for this standard typically relate to missing or insufficient fireproofing of structural steel or of the openings thru fire rated walls or  proper operation of fire rated doors and door hardware: hold open devices, self-closing or automatic door openers or closers, positive door latches.

The items for maintaining proper fire separations are best addressed during the initial construction of a facility or during any renovations that occur after the initial construction, the article said. 

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Topic Area: Maintenance and Operations

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