Food Service

Health system moves food service beyond tray line

Diet clerks virtually track nutritionals as the patients place their order, guiding them through their options


Geisinger Health removes sugar-sweetened beverages from campuses

Geisinger food service locations will no longer sell regular soda, sugar-added fruit juices, sugar-sweetened teas, sugar-added energy drinks, bottled sugar-added iced coffee drinks and flavored milks


N.Z. hospital stops frozen-meal program due to safety concerns

Tokoroa Hospital has stopped selling meals to the community, made from the surplus food cooked for patient meals


French survey shows patients happy with care but not the food

Hospital food was identified by the study as one of the main areas requiring improvement


Seniors expected to shake up facility food service

Study identifies five ways tomorrow's seniors could affect foodservice offerings


N.Y. hospitals offering healthier choices in cafeterias, machines

Canton-Potsdam Hospital has committed to doubling the amount spent on locally grown produce for use in the cafeteria


Supersized food can mean undersized profits for healthcare facilities

When it comes to offering healthier food options in their cafeterias and gift shops, most U.S. hospitals may be 'penny wise and pound foolish'


Northwest hospital food: Not just for patients anymore

Some healthcare facilities are serving up such good hospital food that locals are choosing to eat their meals there


Healthcare facility staff serve up Christmas dinner to patients

The catering team at James Paget University Hospital in Norfolk, England, provides a traditional Christmas lunch with all the trimmings



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