Maintenance and Operations - August 2014

UK hospital has its own school and gardens

St Aubyn's Centre has a school attached and patients' rooms have private gardens


Healthcare waste disposal ideas sought

Product developer searching for ways to improve hazardous waste disposal in healthcare facilities


Backflow preventers Q&A

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question about backflow preventers


Critical access hospital re-imagining care delivery

Critical access hospitals are evolving with changes in healthcare delivery methods, technology and demographics


OSHA fines Boston-area hospital for unsafe conditions

Melrose-Wakefield Hospital fined for mishandling of medical waste


CMS backs new dining practice standards

Nursing homes should encourage seniors to be informed on how to select the best foods to fit their needs, according to an article on the Long-Term Living website


Room-service approach improving hospital food

Hospitals switching to a room-service-style model and leaving basic two-choice model behind


ACA may mean the end of bad hospital food

The Affordable Care Act has changed the game for hospital food-service providers


FGI Guidelines Q&A

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question about FGI Guidelines


Reducing the risk of healthcare-associated infections

The importance of the role of the environmental service department has moved beyond making sure a patient's room is sanitary


Air flow path matters in patient rooms

Computational fluid dynamics simulations help in visualization of airflow patterns, temperature distribution, concentration of contaminants and flow path of airborne pathogens


Looking beyond the traditional clinic

Health services are branching out to alternative sites


Walmart opens primary care clinics

They will be open longer and later than competitors: 12 hours per day during the week and another 8-plus hours per day on weekends


Environmental services to expand, promote influence

Association for the Healthcare Environment executive director says ES managers will also focus on shaping the profession


Vegas betting on facilities to attract medical tourism

The Las Vegas Regional Strategic Plan for Medical and Wellness Tourism was recently unveiled


Hiring key in evolution of senior food service

Facilities must recruit experienced chefs who may not have backgrounds in senior living


The Chief Facilities Officer's emerging role

The CFO is a change agent, guiding the evolution of the facility capital planning and management process


Second flooding at Irish hospital investigated

Letterkenny General Hospital says damage is less than last year's


Data helps sell healthcare energy efficiency efforts

Solid data can drive programs, track progress and do internal and external comparisons


Toledo EDs dealing with toxins in water supply

Hospitals have backup water sources for this and related water-compromising scenarios


Hospital's sponsored space brews concern

Dunkin' Donuts-sponsored family lounge at children's hospital - complete with free coffee - may be sending mixed signals, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Exotic animals help nursing home patients

Massachusetts facility has llamas, alpacas, saltwater fish


New fabric may fight HAIs

Large health system to begin using uniforms made of a fabric designed to help fight pathogen transmission


Integration can improve healthcare facility management

Today's facilities are complex environments that must support many diverse functions


Tips to improve wayfinding signage

Many healthcare facilities fall into a middle ground between easy-to-find and needing-a-GPS building layouts


'Nightmare bacteria' spread in Southeast

Spread of these superbugs could be fueled in part by gaps in infection control in hospitals and long-term care facilities


S.C. hospital revises procedures after infection outbreak

Four surgical patients die at Greenville Health System due to a mycobacterial infection


Hospital vending machine dispenses fresh foods via RFID

Machine has a built-in RFID reader to track the items stored inside the unit via tags affixed to food packaging


NIOSH outlines response to sewer gas exposure

Report created in response to request from employees at a Kentucky medical office building about concerns of exposure


Irish hospital food service hit with complaints

Food service budgets slashed in last two years



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