Minneapolis hospital develops emergency plan for Super Bowl

Road closures around the stadium will affect routes ambulances take to Hennepin County Medical Center


Texas begins to repair or replace aging mental hospitals

Some of the 10 state hospitals were built as early as the 1850s and the outdated building design and deterioration has led to reduced capacity


How hospitals safely dispose of infectious fluid waste

Proper waste disposal practices are a crucial part of a safe working environment


Top application security threats

Although social media apps have revolutionized the healthcare industry and changed the way patients and providers interact, they also have opened new avenues for risk


Designing a sense of community within a senior living community

Interior design can be used to help develop a sense of community that goes far beyond just the physical space, according to an article on the Environments for Aging website


Healthcare facilities use various methods to keep dementia patients safe

Studies suggest that the unexplained absence of a nursing home resident is one of the most challenging issues for facilities



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