Construction and Design - August 2014

ACA creates new healthcare design standard

As healthcare tries to be more efficient, facility needs are evolving to reflect the effort by creating an environment that makes patients want to come back


Michigan VA employees 'adopt' facility gardens

Medical center employees volunteer their time to make the grounds in Iron Mountain more welcoming for their patients


Imaging room designed to ease 'scanxiety'

Hospitals are beginning to build patient-calming features into their MRI, CT and other scanning suites


Evaluating your wayfinding system

Shift thinking about wayfinding as being just about signs to being a holistic approach to communications


Design features can influence nurse job satisfaction

Study finds environment can help communication and teamwork


Starting a plastics recycling program

Plastics recycling in a patient care setting is an advanced recycling option, so consider your hospital's commitment to sustainability


Hospital food is being redefined

The mass-produced, institutional cafeteria model is being replaced by scratch-prepared food


Hospital room design helps healing

Patients asked for 30 percent less pain medication in redesigned room


Balancing present, future needs with design

To conceptualize new elements, a full-scale mock-up and logistics work session should be organized very early in design


Designer gives teen's hospital space a new look

'Dec My Room' project rehabs room at Texas Children's Hospital


Boston Children's Hospital building designed for quiet

Facility's patient rooms structured for longer hospital stays


New helicopter pad on Scottish hospital causing concern

Sources say the helipad hangs over the side of the building and has no fencing


Healthcare spaces affect attitudes, behaviors

Traditional exam rooms can be intimidating environments


Hospitals rethink the role of art

Interview discusses role of art in a healing environment


New Indiana hospital adopts patient-centered design

Cameron Memorial Community Hospital focusing on safety and comfort


Sanford Fargo Medical Center to get new lobby, patient rooms

The lobby will cover 4,000 square feet and will rise to 44 feet at the highest point


Omaha medical center sculpture recognizes leader

Abstract floral sculpture is located in the Nebraska Medical Center's Storz Pavilion


Creating healthcare workplace efficiencies

Architects and designers can play a role in helping to create spaces that are more operationally efficient, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Post-occupancy evaluation measures success of clinic design

Evaluation reveals that the clinic realized an 83 percent reduction in staff footsteps, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Hospital maximizes light with tintable glass

Electronically tintable glass at Fairview Ridges Hospital also boosts energy efficiency


Funeral home renovated into physical rehab center

Funeral home renovation project's toughest obstacle was changing community perception, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website.


Natural, neutral colors trending for healthcare spaces

Paint colors can help facility managers create a positive patient experience


Health City Cayman Islands blends low costs, tropical setting

It's going to take some major changes for hospitals in the U.S. to compete with coral-sand beaches and high-quality healthcare offered at a low price


Why does design thinking matter?

Design firms can deliver design thinking to solve complex problems blending together design and strategic thinking, according to a blog on the Healthcare Design website


Assessing facilities to determining capital investment

It's crucial that administrators choose where to invest based on accurate data and thorough analysis


Designing behavioral health outpatient facilities

Coordinated care trend is gaining traction with the design of outpatient behavioral health practices, according to an article on the Behaviorial Healthcare website


Healthcare projects honored for design

Eight projects named in AIA's National Healthcare Design Awards, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Improving patient flow can significantly reduce costs

Maine Medical Center demonstrates how operational efficiency can lower design and construction costs


Design can contain germs in the ER

Private rooms for patients and an isolation room can support infection control


Designing for veterans

The built environment can help solve post traumatic stress disorder


Challenges for healthcare designers

Designers called on to help healthcare organizations act on the known - and unknown - changes on the horizon, according to a blog on the Healthcare Design website


Designing for population health

By looking through the client's eyes, designers can gain a new understanding of how design can bend the health and wellness curve


Value-driven approach sets priorities in cancer-care design

A value tree map helps organize requests according to basic, target, and aspirational goals, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


New Texas hospital focusing on patient experience

Walnut Hill is hoping that ideas borrowed from Ritz Carlton and a warm, natural light-filled building design will draw in patients


Upgrading ORs without affecting care

Existing infrastructure, portable technology and a trend toward hybrid operating rooms all play a part, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Georgia skilled nursing facility designed for neighborhood feel

$28 million Columbus facility is set on 28 acres with an outdoor rehab courtyard and different walking surfaces to simulate orchard gardens


Cincinnati hospital has 2.5-acre living roof

Every patient room has a view of the West Hospital roof which features a mixture of 65,000 native plants, according to an article on the Healthcare Design


Massachusetts hospital kitchen going green

Hospital upgrading the systems using energy-efficient equipment


N.Y. hospital to get $1.1 billion for Hurricane Sandy repairs

Funds include $589 million for hazard mitigation work at the NYU's Langone Medical Center main campus


Philadelphia children's hospital expanding ambulatory care network

New center is being designed to create an environment that children and teenagers would find fresh and interesting, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Active living trend expected to stick around

Older adults are demanding more from their long-term living environments than just a place to live, according to an article on the Environments for Aging website



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