Interior Design - February 2021

How Hospital Design Can Save Lives

For some patients, time is of the essence and can’t be wasted navigating layout


Rethinking Design with COVID-19 in Mind

Expect hospital design to incorporate more infectious disease rooms, larger emergency departments and more flexible spaces


Case Study: Renovation Helps Hospital React to Pandemic

Technology is likely used for virtual tours and smart maintenance


Shining a New Light on Hospital Lighting

Research center will explore light’s impact on patient health


Hospital Design with Pandemic in Mind

Strategies and principles for a pandemic-resilient hospitals


Case Study: Relocating 43,000-Square-Foot Radiology Department

Improved wayfinding and use of existing spaces at heart of renovation


Interior Design with Culture in Mind

How healthcare design is address access deficiencies among patients in indigenous and sovereign jurisdictions


Pandemic Puts Renewed Focus on Healthy Buildings

Occupants are now much more aware of the positive or negative impacts of their work surroundings


Improved Interior Design Can Reduce Overcrowding

Many hospitals have faced overcrowding of emergency departments in the last decade



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