Infection Control - June 2020

California hospital suspends admission of non-Coronavirus patients after surge of staff cases

The facility has been preparing for this type of surge since the pandemic began


Cleanroom requirements and classifications for healthcare facilities

Cleanroom facilities provide an essential barrier against the spread of contaminants and disease in the healthcare sector


Assisted living facilities running low on PPE equipment

Many facilities said they have less than a two-week supply of specific PPE


California long-term care facilities build booths for visits

Families visit loved ones through Plexiglas during pandemic lockdown


Infection preventionists are preparing for COVID’s second wave

Part of the process are education and establishing plans


R.I. hospital using disinfecting units to fight coronavirus

The units use disinfecting solution effective against COVID-19


A sustained response to COVID-19 depends on key capabilities

Kaiser Permanente put together a checklist to manage a pandemic


How access control technology is being used in the pandemic

Technology is being used to help eliminate common touch points, isolate infected patients


Unions say mask decontamination endangers healthcare workers

N95 respirators used by clinical workers are complicated safety devices and are meant to be disposable, according to an expert


Pittsburgh company repurposing industrial masks to use against Covid-19

Elastomeric masks cost more upfront, but they can be cleaned and reused for years, with the filter replaced monthly


Outsourcing: Going from 'housekeeping' to 'environmental services'

Professional environmental services make a science of cleaning


Senior living facilities applying Covid’s infection-control lessons long term

Procedures have come under scrutiny during the pandemic


Lessons learned in pandemic offer opportunities for change

Telehealth became more common with significant advances in the last 10 weeks


Cleaning machines may be smart investment for healthcare facilities

It is important that floor-cleaning machines be employed whether or not an imminent threat is already present


Purdue University startup creates bedside hand-washing system

Project Process created a portable bedside sink


Pennsylvania orders stricter COVID-19 protections for hospital workers

The measures include staff members in housekeeping services, dietary services and maintenance


VA not prepared for second virus wave

Agency says it lacks adequate medical gear


Sanitizing, stockpiling and communication helps keep nursing home stay COVID-free

Some of these steps happened before the U.S. entered its lockdown phase


Environmental survey shows how HAIs often start

The researchers sampled 179 sites including sink traps, pulse oximeters, and door handles


FDA updates rules on cleaning N95 masks

Some made In China should not be reused


Children in care at risk for coronavirus

Many have been locked down since late February facing isolation with strict social-distancing measures


N.Y. initiative boosts cleaning in longterm care facilities

Daily, discharge cleaning show improvements


Alabama doctor invents hand-sanitizer-dispensing wristband

The device could be helpful in combating illnesses commonly spread by hand, such as the flu, the common cold and food poisoning


Healthcare design can help prevent infection spread in restrooms

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need for better design in restrooms


WHO says there’s a second outbreak of Ebola in Congo

Country already battling COVID-19 and measles


CDC updates COVID guidance for assisted living communities

The update provides recommendations on infection reporting, visitor restrictions and group activities


North Carolina using drones in Covid-19 response

Novant Health received a temporary waiver from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly the drones


Georgia student creating COVID-19 protective equipment

The equipment is made using a water-jet machining process


Nursing home workers face risks during coronavirus

A third of Covid deaths in the U.S. have been in longterm care facilities


COVID-19 increases importance of hand hygiene

Proper hand hygiene training called the number one way to reduce the spread of illnesses and viruses


Elastomeric masks may be an alternative N-95s

Elastomeric masks used with a P100 filter provides 99.97 percent respiratory protection


Strategies for effective healthcare facility management in the time of COVID-19

To support healthcare workers and limit the spread of the virus in care facilities, the impact of identifying critical areas that need support such as HVAC, fire systems, security, and building automation systems is underestimated


Drones are delivering medical supplies and PPE in North Carolina

It may be the longest-range drone delivery service that’s been approved in the U.S.


CDC reports pandemic has killed close to 300 U.S. healthcare workers

More than 60,000 workers have been infected


Iowa manufacturer turns ceiling panels into intubation shields

The acrylic and polycarbonate sheets used were turned into medical equipment


How nursing homes can bolster infection control

Infection control in skilled nursing facilities has come under scrutiny


Facilities could be liable if healthcare personnel test positive for coronavirus

If an employee tests positive for coronavirus they contracted while working, or they unknowingly brought the disease to work and infected others, employers can be held liable for a workers’ compensation claim


How Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is working to keeping facility safe

The hospital is encouraging families not to delay needed care for their children


Longterm care facilities face challenges battling Covid 19

One of these challenges is the continued struggle to keep PPE in stock



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