Sustainable Operations - August 2015

Personal clothing tied to infections in NICU

Respiratory syncytial virus can be spread from caregivers' and visitors' clothes


Natural disaster infographic

Eastern Kentucky University offers data hospital safety problems during times of natural disaster


Facility professionals can have key role in mergers

Facility directors should be positioned to thrive after the announcement of a merger or acquisition


Texas hospital may lose funding due to safety concerns

Federal judge may intervene in plans to cut funding to a North Texas psychiatric hospital


Q&A on calibration gas cylinders

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question on calibration gas cylinders


Okla. hospital forced to close ORs due to faulty air handling system

Surprise inspection from CMS finds high humidity in the hospital's central sterilization room


Australian hospital's energy efficiency project criticized

Government priorities questioned after $3.3 million was set aside for improved energy efficiency at Canberra Hospital


Entry mats can help maintain greener facility

Without high-performance entry mats installed, a facility cannot be LEED certified


Conservation's value more than financial

Energy-management initiatives can build enthusiasm among patients and employees while raising the profile of health systems


Improving patient care with IT

Most Wired Innovator Award honorees are using IT in innovative ways


Study backs sound panels for reducing noise in hospitals

Scientists are trying to reduce the amount of noise which is often double what it should be


Montefiore Health System cuts energy use with sustainable initiatives

Montefiore Medical Center has the longest running cogeneration facility of any New York City hospital


BIM can streamline healthcare facility management

The model information can be used for commissioning, maintenance, refurbishing and end-of-building-life decisions


Advanced nurse call systems becoming standard equipment

Real-time locating systems can offer new work flow functions


Duress procedures should be reviewed as violence increases

Systems may be antiquated, incomplete or not properly functioning


Proactive maintenance decisions can lesson future problems

Predictive maintenance techniques can determine the condition of assets and predict when maintenance should be performed


Researchers urge best practices for hospital cleaning, infection control

Study identified several favorable ways 'high-touch surfaces' in hospitals can be cleaned


Calgary hospital battling wasps in courtyard

Patient stung 25 times while walking near facility


Hospital installing one of the Australia's largest solar rooftop arrays

Canberra Hospital is adding a 500-kilowatt solar system and installing LED lights


California hospitals with cleanest rooms

Eighty percent of patients reported that their room was always clean


Staying informed of healthcare crime trends

Staying informed of trends in healthcare crime is an important part of planning and maintaining a successful security program


When's the right time to purchase healthcare equipment?

Rapid medical technology innovation makes the question more complicated


Incident management technology key to accreditation readiness

A major aspect of the accreditation process is the evaluation of the hospital's emergency process


Q&A on corridor projections

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question on corridor projections


Naval hospital gets seismic retrofit project to improved ability to withstand quake

Naval Hospital Bremerton safeguards the core building with shock absorbing inertia dampeners


Inventory management tips for healthcare facilities

Inventory management in healthcare facilities is especially critical


Montreal hospital closes play structure after injuries

Montreal Children's Hospital sculpture was recently installed in lobby area


Mumbai doctors hire private security after patient attacks

Doctors can dial a special number to mobilize security men to reach a trouble spot within nine minutes


Concerns raised over cleanliness at Derry hospital

Monthly environmental cleanliness audit revealed low or no scores


Study finds lack of evidence as to which cleaning method is the best

Among promising cleaning tactics for reducing healthcare-associated infections, there was no clear winner


New technology can affect fall prevention

Design changes and material selection can help prevent falls


Healthcare facility moisture levels can impact energy costs

Relative humidity levels are an often overlooked factor in HVAC systems


Patient-centered hospital environment extends to audio

Trend to private rooms, patient-controlled audio supports care, quality


Q&A on ozone machines

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question on ozone machines


Accident threatens water pressure at Georgia hospital

DeKalb County area experienced a major loss of water pressure and was under a boil water advisory for four days


Air filter mistakes can create unsafe conditions

To ensure the best air filtration for a healthcare facility use filters with a MERV-A rating that matches the requirements


Plans to privatize Louisiana hospitals' police shelved

Biomedical Research Foundation is reconsidering its plan to privatize the University Health police force at its hospitals in Shreveport and Monroe


$5.2 million in repairs urged for Ohio hospital parking garage

The nearing 50-year-old garage has numerous structural problems including damage and corrosion to concrete slabs, beams and columns and steel beams


California hospitals try to conserve water in drought

Hospitals have untapped potential to help the state fight its ongoing drought


Hospital closes wing due to safety issues

Guam Memorial Hospital wing seen as vulnerable to collapse


New Delhi dealing with excess bio-medical waste

Inefficient handling of toxic stockpiles remains a challenge for India


Making healthcare facilities climate resilient

Designing for future disasters and weather extremes can be a challenge because it requires a lot of hypothesizing, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


U.K. healthcare facility reacts to fourth scabies outbreak in a year

Care home replaces all bedding and brings in a specialist to carry out an additional deep clean


Pennsylvania healthcare facility to expand 'hospital farm'

St. Luke's University Hospital farm will double in size from five to 10 acres


Survey says ES managers getting increased responsibilities

Compensation levels for environmental services managers are also rising


Hospital closed emergency room after flood cuts power

A burst underground pipe caused the basement of the Royal Berkshire hospital in Reading, England, to flood


Q&A on smoke compartment barrier doors

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question on smoke compartment barrier doors


Texas hospital says issues will be fixed before Medicare and Medicaid contract is terminated

Government has notified Good Shepherd Medical Center that its contract will be terminated unless it addresses issues including nonsterile surgical instruments


Flashback photo: 1949 Illinois hospital fire kills 74

Tragedy leads to national fire safety improvements


Survey reports hospitals' green challenges

Health Care Facilities Sustainable Operations Survey says the No. 1 challenge in implementing sustainability initiatives is competing investments and spending priorities


NIOSH probing cleaning product exposure

Researchers will study the types of exposures and the levels at which cleaning products trigger respiratory issues


AirBNB-style company could change healthcare

Software allows different hospitals within the same healthcare system to share expensive surgical equipment


U.K. hospital asks staff to give up toasters and kettles to reduce fire risk

Carlisle's Cumberland Infirmary's fire alarm problems mean workers at the hospital are also making hourly safety checks


Reducing the risk of hospital-acquired infections

Effective cleaning along with appropriate disinfection practices can reduce infection transmission in the healthcare setting


Hawaii hospitals installing solar panels

Kaiser Permanente Hawaii adding first photovoltaic system as part of energy savings initiative


Hospital supply chains struggle with superbug issues

Hospitals stocking up on supplies to fight potential outbreaks


A smart equipment maintenance plan can cut costs safely

Improving equipment maintenance and repair processes could help healthcare facilities with their bottom lines


Poughkeepsie healthcare facility adds dial-up room service

Vassar Brothers Medical Center patients can chose and order meals from a customized menu and eat when it suits them


Tech should be an early focus of a nursing home project

Developers of long-term and post-acute care facilities must invest in a full range of cutting-edge technology in their buildings



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