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How Ohio University HCOM's Heritage Hall Achieved WELL Certification

Wilsonart Products Used in Construction of Penn Pavilion

Making Healthcare Facilities More Like Home

Integrating the Natural World into Healthcare Facilities

Designing for Holistic Healing in Healthcare

Designing Healthcare Facilities for Autonomy, Choice and Inclusivity

Designing Customized Furnishings in Healthcare

Individualizing the Patient Experience Through Technology

Overcoming Design Challenges Through Collaboration

Improving the Patient Experience Through Stress-Free Design

Incorporating Biophilic Design into Healthcare Operations

Healthcare Facility Conversion Projects Come with Unique Considerations

Designers Use Art for Wayfinding in Healthcare Facilities

How Art is Transforming Healthcare Facilities

Future-Proofing Healthcare Infrastructure

Biophilia, Luxe Minimalism Paint Colors to Trend in Healthcare Facilities

Paint Choices Facilities Managers Should Prioritize First

Moz Designs Illuminates Inspira Vineland Medical Center

Furniture's Role in Healthcare Facilities

The Reason Behind the Luxury Senior Care Facilities Boom

Designing Behavioral Health Facilities With Patients in Mind

How Luxury Senior Care Facilities Create a Community Between Residents

How to Specify Chemical-Resistant Fabrics for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Facility Design Now Aims to Promote Employee Wellness

Now is the Time to Prioritize Acoustics in Outpatient Facilities

4 Interior Design Trends to Create Spaces That Heal

Jackson West Medical Center Uses Design to Focus on Patient Wellness

Round Desk Allows for Versatility and Flexibility

How Design May Prevent Burnout Within Healthcare Facilities

Scripps Mercy Hospital Transforms Cancer Support Services with New Building

How Red Bird Mall Transformed to RedBird Health Center

Burke Rehabilitation Hospital Uses Art to Promote Healing

COVID’s Influence On Senior Care Design Trends

5 Ways to Strategize for Healthcare Facilities Planning

Chicago Hospital Transforms to New Hotels for Medical Staff and Patients

Healthcare Wayfinding Evolves During Pandemic

How to Incorporate Flexibility within Healthcare Facilities

Furniture Manufacturers Predict Interior Design Trends

Flooring Longevity Matters in Healthcare Facilities

Each Piece of Furniture Plays an Essential Role Within a Healthcare Facility

Interior Design Choices Play an Important Role within Healthcare Facilities

How Designers Prioritize Safety When it Comes to Furniture

Why Healthcare Facilities Must Prioritize Furniture Decisions

What Healthcare Facilities Risk When They Choose the Wrong Paints

Interior Design’s Impact on Hospital Staffing

Hospital Upgrade Creates Benefits Through Design Best Practices

Presbyterian Village North Debuts Renovated Corrigan Building

Building Smarter Healthcare Through Better Interior Design

Art In Healthcare Facilities Can Support Good Outcomes

Reducing healthcare worker stress with environmental changes

‘Recharge rooms’ give NYC healthcare workers space to rest

Making the case for wellness-supporting design

Factors informing healthcare interior planning

The value of daylighting, even with LEDs

Healthcare provider waiting areas need to convey that visitors are entering a top-notch facility

Mass. hospice designed to be uplifting

Cosmetic surgery facilities more than 'spa-like'

Patients driving trends in healthcare facilities

Architectural finishes can enhance patient satisfaction

Mosaics used to decrease anxiety in Maryland cancer center

Wood ceilings reinforce connection to nature at South Florida Cancer Center

Art installation designed to bring life, color to Austin AIDS clinic

D.C. sister clinics use color to brand shared space

Designing for intimacy in senior care setting

Modular wall systems help healthcare facilities adapt

Cancer center uses clerestory windows to add light into interior spaces

Three ways waiting room design can transform the patient experience

Design trends transform behavioral healthcare

Be smart about the surfaces in healthcare

Chattanooga hospital brings playground inside

Mosaics for morale: Colorful murals designed to brighten healthcare facilities

New Lifestyle Children’s Hospital in Chattanooga adds engaging installations

Harvard Medical School to disperse portraits of past white male department chairs

Using supergraphics in healthcare facilities

Commissioning art for healthcare facilities

Door panels tell residents' stories at Canadian nursing home

Key elements for a healthy medical lounge

Hazelden Betty Ford facilities designed for homey, healing feel

Designing for children beyond cartoons

Modular wall systems offer flexible options in healthcare facilities

Design elements can engage senior patients

Recognized interior designs include inviting, warm spaces

Creating design unity in healthcare mergers

Art inspiring new discussions at London behavioral healthcare facility

Stylish security for healthcare facilities

Research focuses on impact of reorienting patient beds

Art initiative makes children's healthcare facilities less scary

Designing a better waiting room experience

Designing for behavioral health facilities

Designing for needs of cancer patients

Children's hospital used art to lift spirits

Research shows facility design does affect patient satisfaction

Washington sports medicine, neighborhood clinics reflect athletic, local themes

Artists brighten children's hospital with murals

Changes in interior design education focus

Abstract art fills lobby of San Antonio hospital

Designing a men's health facility

Clearing the air: Healthier interiors in healthcare

Manhattan medical center tailored for men

Winning facility design for men 'strong but vulnerable'

Designing a welcoming waiting room

Maintaining a facility's interior

ACA creates new healthcare design standard

Designer gives teen's hospital space a new look

Hospitals rethink the role of art

Value-driven approach sets priorities in cancer-care design

More data available for informed design decisions

Healthcare interior design's role often under-recognized

Visitor spaces ripe for innovation

Creating a patient-centered hospital of the future

Q&A: Trends in healthcare interior design

Murals brighten Bronx healthcare facility

Healthy materials and an aging population driving healthcare design

Massachusetts hospital plans $72 million modernization

Modern healing design has ancient roots

Palomar Medical Center cafeteria accents promote healing environment

Interior designer honored by Healthcare Design magazine

Serene interior design and art reflect spirit of Parkinson's support facility

Children's Medical Center Dallas focuses on accessible design

Maine healthcare center's fresh look reflects surroundings

Children's hospitals often lead the way on innovation

Children's Medical Center design used to unite different groups in new space

Toronto dental facility recognized by interior design award

Children's Medical Center Dallas installs interactive exhibit

Material choices crucial in behavioral health setting

Give your facility a healthy dose of color

Blog gives children's hospital holiday makeover

What's the immediate future of healthcare design?

Pediatric dental office designed to be a playground for all ages

Futurists offer a bleak (and incorrect) image of healthcare interior design trends

Nature in artwork can have calming effect

Designing healthcare interiors that serve the elderly

Olivia Newton John Cancer & Wellness Centre recognized for design

Hospital interior design focuses on improving outcomes

Gathering insights to inform patient-focused design solutions

New trends seen in healthcare facility design

Children's hospital expansion has healing art gallery feel

Designer attempts to decode 'patient-centric' label

Interior design choices can reduce MRI anxiety

Ty Cobb Regional Medical Center reflects its namesake

Selecting art for labor and delivery rooms

Hospital vestibule design makes the first impression

Healthcare Design magazine announces 2013 Remodel-Renovation winners

Maintaining attractive design elements key to patient satisfaction

Healthcare can learn from hospitality design pulse

Art donated to enhance patient experience at health center



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