Security - strategies, tips and insights for the healthcare facilities management industry

Key aspects to updating your security infrastructure

Canadian nurses union wants more security guards in hospitals

Man hurt in shooting on Arkansas children’s hospital campus

Escalating workplace violence hits hospitals hard

Report: Healthcare devices are becoming more vulnerable to cyberattack

Hospital cybersecurity lagging due to talent gap

Enhancing operational efficiency, staff satisfaction and patient care with false alarm reduction

Security hired for Manitoba healthcare facilities after city bills for police time

DC VA patient escaped psychiatric unit, charged with assault

S.C. ER evacuated after man tears sprinkler head from ceiling

Security cameras in nursing homes present ethical dilemmas

Logansport Memorial Hospital working to avoid another cyber security breach

Designing a holistic facilities management plan to protect medical devices

Baton Rouge nurse's death prompts demands for workplace safety

South Carolina hospitals reviewing security after two shootings

Tennessee hospital boost security following shooting

SC laws under scrutiny after two hospital shootings in two days

Healthcare facility staffers have had enough of workplace violence

Visitor's bag may have contained gun Naples hospital patient used to kill himself

Hospital security staff strikes

Wyoming healthcare facility planning security upgrades after active shooter incident

Managing violence in healthcare facilities

Winning stakeholder support for hospital security programs

Perimeter security technologies can help to detect, deter problems

Planning for an active shooter in physician offices

Health system backs bill to fight hospital violence

Healthcare workers face violence 'epidemic'

Oregon hospitals restrict access after two gun-related incidents

Are opioids and workplace violence linked in healthcare?

Healthcare design can support data security

New NFPA Standard helps prepare for active shooters

Survey suggests security cameras do make campuses safer

Ontario hospital implements infant security program

Why the time is right to move your security platform to the cloud

Hospital security officers get creative to help patient with autism

South Los Angeles hospital prepared for gang member patients

OSHA affirms workplace violence citation against Pa. health facility

Partially burned medical records found outside Atlanta clinic

Missouri healthcare system adds security officers

Safety at D.C. psychiatric hospital questioned after attack on nurse

Key cybersecurity threats in 2019

No one was monitoring security cameras, intercom system during attack on Milwaukee nurse

Minnesota families push for cameras in nursing homes

Milwaukee hospital implements more safety precautions following killing in parking garage

Psychiatric hospital fined $650K for failure to protect workers

FBI data confirms risk in hospital parking garage after attack

Milwaukee nurses pushing for more security after fatal attack in parking garage

Security Guard in S.C. arrested for sexually assaulting sleeping patient

Nurse stabbed on job pushing for hospital safety changes

Top security concerns of assisted care facilities

Hacker gets 10 years for DDoS attack on children’s hospitals

Michigan hospital testing metal detectors

'Scary' Muslim family barred from seeing baby in hospital

Police investigating after vegetative patient gives birth

HHS releases healthcare cybersecurity best practices

Phoenix care fa­cil­ity boosts se­cu­rity after vegetative patient gives birth

Hospitals in Australia to give staff body armor

Probe shows VA mismanaged police force, leaving security gaps

Lessons learned from the fatal Chicago shooting

Feds encourage active shooter training following shooting

Enhanced security at N.Y. hospital includes metal detectors in ED waiting room

Flawed active shooter drill causes panic at Maryland hospital

Indiana hospital launches own police department

Maine hospital to have own police officer on site

Houston deploys robots to patrol inside hospital

Ohio healthcare facilities constantly review security procedures

Attacker chases injured victims to Kansas City hospital, shoots man at secured doorway

Door considerations key to meet security challenge

Chicago hospitals reviewing security after fatal shooting

California hospitals share safety procedures after Chicago hospital shooting

Ontario's hospitals react to increase in gun violence

Chicago hospital’s training, preparation praised after fatal shooting

Effective ways to improve healthcare data security

Tampa Bay hospitals hit by criminal activity

Niagara Falls hospital investing $60,000+ in security

Central Pa. hospital getting armed guards, tougher security

La. hospital reviews safety procedures following lockdown

Baby abduction attempt sparks hospital security upgrades

Thieves target patients, visitors at Va. hospitals

Opening solutions for healthcare facility safety and security

UK hospital security equipped with body cameras

Protecting healthcare IoT devices

Should the Hippocratic Oath extend to protecting patient data?

Woman assaulted twice inside Tacoma hospital

Houston healthcare facility focusing on security issues

Cybersecurity still possible on a tight budget

Video surveillance can boost healthcare facility security

Front-line healthcare workers link violence to growing meth crisis

N.J. hospital's violence prevention program focuses on diffusing situations

Washington hospitals seeing increased level of violence

Chicago nursing home security catches 'ghost' on CCTV

Hackers, mattresses among top ECRI health tech hazards

Report says 47 percent of emergency doctors have been assaulted at work

Printers can be cybersecurity risk

Nurses share stories of abuse on the job

Canadian hospital security guards facing increased violence due to meth crisis

Indiana hospital back online after computer virus

IT challenges to tossing fax machines

Jury awards plaintiffs $10 million for Chicago hospital security incidents

Hospitals train for mass shootings

Minn. healthcare facility cited for secret videotaping

Shots fired at Los Angeles healthcare facility

Evaluating facility security vulnerabilities

Defending against ransomware attacks

Charlotte's largest healthcare providers are increasing security

Children’s hospital stages active shooter drills for ER

Cybersecurity in healthcare evolves with threats

NIST issues guidance for protecting medical IoT devices

Nonsworn campus security officers' wages have not kept up with inflation

Nursing home reviews security after being robbed twice in a month

Health system's new security measures include badges, metal detectors

N.Y. hospital institute new security policy for visitors

Inmate captured after escape from Michigan hospital

Accidents blamed for most healthcare data breaches

Man who died in jump from N.Y. hospital went out window in unused ward

Break-out at mental health facility prompts door upgrade

Preparation key to dealing with healthcare facility shootings

N.Y. hospital shooting illustrates complexity of threat

Healthcare workers hike to raise awareness about workplace violence

Security reviewed after apparent murder-suicide at NY hospital

Oregon toolkit aims to curb healthcare workplace violence

Visitor registration systems can boost health facility security

Cybersecurity responsibility shared by entire healthcare supply chain

Security questioned at hospital after mishandling of gun

Family of ducks rescued from hospital parking structure

Balancing safety, peace with ferromagnetic security screening

Security reviewed after clinic shooting

Hospital lockdowns can leave patients isolated

Four ways to protect healthcare organizations and staff against workplace violence

Report finds Washington hospital put patients, staff at risk

Queens hospital armed security guards first in NYC

Hospital ER nurses wearing security alarms

Healthcare innovations need cybersecurity support

Prevention is better than cure when dealing with cyber threats

Eight cybersecurity tools your healthcare facility needs today

Cancer center to pay $4.3m for three data breaches

Philadelphia hospital creates police drop-off lane for gunshot victims

Officers cleared in California hospital shooting

Healthcare cyberthreat reports increasing

Inmate climbs through Alabama hospital ceiling to escape

Threatening incident at birthing center renews security concerns

Study finds better IT security doesn’t deter cyberattacks

Combating workplace violence

Healthcare data breach: What to know about them and what to do after one

Understanding the role of Chief Security Officer

Hospital security changed after 1998 baby abduction

After Chicago hospital shooting, officials look at lessons learned

Another body found in San Francisco General hallway

Nursing home investigated after patient falls from window

Patient at Pa. hospital slashes security officer with light bulb

No foul play found in San Francisco General Hospital death

Deputies reportedly precluded from searching S.F. hospital stairwell for missing woman

Hawaii State Hospital announces new facility, security features

Bronx-Lebanon Hospital without promised turnstiles, 1 year after shooting

Emergency department communications badges reduce response times

Nursing home ‘granny cam’ bill passes La. Senate

NHS staff plead for body cameras to prevent assaults

Hospital security departments can help protect domestic violence victims

Few Mass. hospitals have enhanced security after stabbing

Man charged in security officer’s death at Pa. hospital

Healthcare facilities boost security after hostage incident

Shooting outside Chicago hospital reveals security issues

VA clinic plagued by thieves despite security upgrades

Vancouver Island hospital security officer honored for disarming attacker

'Granny cam' bill advances in La.

Registered sex offender banned from seeing son in St. Louis NICU

Massachusetts hospital deploys security video management software

Benefits of wireless access control for healthcare facilities

Joint Commission issues new sentinel event alert on violence against healthcare workers

What healthcare must understand about cybersecurity

Violence prevention plans now mandatory in Calif. hospitals

Mo. nursing home cited after three residents found outside in freezing temperatures

German shepherd added to security team at Indiana hospital

2010 report showed security gaps at Yountville Veterans Home

Dealing with elderly patient wandering, elopement, part 2

Mass. hospital employee charged with placing hidden camera in bathroom

California's new workplace violence law could be a model for federal legislation

Man with crossbow taken into custody outside Fresno hospital

Madison hospital cited for 7 'deficiencies' following NICU abuse

Woman sues Michigan hospital after she is attacked in ER

Feds say University of Maryland hospital violated rules in patient dumping case

Parents say Florida hospital allowed tribal police to kidnap newborn

Survey shows some decreased hospital security training

Veterans hospital killings spotlights healthcare worker risks

Lawmakers seek OSHA standard on healthcare facility violence

Dealing with elderly patient wandering, elopement

Union says VA facilities should have armed security

Sex offender sues Wis. hospital that won’t let him visit son

Massachusetts hospital integrates security camera system

Housekeeping audit finds problems at B.C. healthcare facility

Report says Madison hospital failed to respond after first reports of abuse in NICU

Senior facility installs security cameras after patient is injured

Video reveals level of violence in Australian hospitals

Health IT infrastructure needs security upgrades

Tougher penalties sought for patients who assault Hawaii healthcare workers

Video addresses surviving an extreme violence incident

Fake paramedic found wandering the halls of Royal Adelaide hospital

Nurses union lauds violence reduction plan

CMS to investigate University of Maryland hospital after patient dumping

NFPA developing minimum requirements for active shooter response

Sword-handled umbrella sparks lockdown at Seattle-area hospital

Baltimore hospital apologizes after security guards leave discharged patient on street in hospital gown

2017's worst healthcare data breaches

Chicago hospital nurses say violence isn’t monitored

Eight cybersecurity tools your healthcare facility needs today

UCSF 'die-in' protests guns and Tasers in hospitals

Las Vegas hospital sued over attempted sexual assault

'Bring your own device' policies should set alarm bells ringing

Former guards cleared in death of patient at Mass. hospital

2017's biggest healthcare cyberattacks listed

Nurse stabbed in N.J. hospital parking lot where staff had asked for more security

Maintaining security with contract cleaning staff

Indiana hospital starts own police force

Cybersecurity white paper available

Elderly couple dead after shooting at Ontario hospital

Texas arson suspect tries to escape through hospital ceiling

Mich. hospital reviewing policies after shooting

Man killed at hospital had officer’s stun gun

Mass. health system tightens security after assault on nurse

Toronto hospital installing new encryption security tech

Health workers attacked and abused over hospital smoking ban

Facility's security questioned after wandering Alzheimer's patient dies

Using technology to reduce violence against hospital workers

Former ER nurse backs fired security staff

Perth hospital considers enlisting smoking police

Hospital bars police officers from interacting with frontline staff following nurse's arrest

The future of violence response and emergency preparedness in healthcare

Workers push for metal detectors at Mass. mental health facilities

Report says psych ward video cameras could save lives

Key concerns for healthcare mobile security

Tips for buying AI-based cybersecurity tools

Hospital reviewing security after patient stabbing

Top online security blogs to watch

Nurses seeking reforms in hospital security

Healthcare facilities urged to prepare for ransomware 2.0

Survey: Most feel clinicians should protect patients during an active shooter event

N.H. women's prison will focus on healthcare

Sixty percent of healthcare organizations have a senior executive overseeing cybersecurity

Insiders, hackers causing most recent healthcare breaches

Healthcare cybersecurity threat growing

Report released on Milwaukee VA hospital's security

After-hours hospital security performing some triage duties

Buffalo healthcare facility spent nearly $10 million recovering from massive cyberattack

Joint Commission lists issues contributing to healthcare workplace settings

Dozens of swastikas found in Long Beach hospital stairwell

Recognition first step in fighting violence in healthcare

Preparing for active shooter events in healthcare facilities

Fewer healthcare facilities planning emergency notification upgrades

S.C. facility security under fire after wandering resident killed by alligator

Stab-proof vests urged for staff at some Perth hospitals

Doctor opens fire at a Bronx hospital, killing one and wounding six

Training key to curbing hospital violence

Minnesota hospital has seven security breaches in eight months

Employee background checks key to security plan

Kansas lawmakers vote to allow healthcare facilities to ban guns

Hospital evacuation blamed on 'system fault with alarm'

Identity management playing greater role in healthcare cybersecurity

Dealing with a violent healthcare workplace

Fresno hospitals using ‘eyeprints’ for patient ID

Move to exempt healthcare facilities from Kansas gun law stalls

D.C. hospital probes security officers' alleged wheelchair ‘dump’ of patient

Active shooter threat assessment tool offered

Hospital bathrooms can be haven for illegal drug use

New Jersey expands elder facility hidden camera program

Faulty alarm system puts psychiatric hospital at risk, staff says

$1 million worth of medical equipment missing from Indiana VA

OSHA violence standard for healthcare supported in comments

Healthcare facility design can support security

Montana healthcare facility reviews security after fire

Maintaining security systems during a merger

Ohio hospital asked to increase video monitoring after attempted rape of patient

CMS urges action on required emergency exercises

ONVIF to speak at China’s Chengdu Public Safety and Security Exhibition

FBI offers updated active-shooter planning document

How to hire the best security officers

Mass casualty mitigation strategies

Death of patient who hit hospital security guard ruled a homicide

Modern surveillance technologies can improve decentralized healthcare security

Healthcare facilities can be compromised by malware that infects medical devices

Standardized security technologies urged for healthcare campus

Drug disappearances at VA hospitals investigated

Deploying wireless locks and readers in a healthcare facility

Street light outages cause safety concerns near Nashville hospital

ONVIF Joins IoT Panel Discussion at TechSec Solutions 2017

How common are hospital shootings?

How to maximize an intrusion detection system

50 vehicles ransacked near Orlando hospital

U.S. Chamber Foundation Releases Safety and Security Quick Guides

San Diego hospital accused of reinstalling secret cameras in ORs

IoT security is critical to healthcare

Iowa hospital to add K-9s to security team

Thieves impersonate Ark. hospital employees, steal credit cards

Applying the basics of network security

Experts discuss healthcare cybersecurity

IoT integration one of video surveillance's newest upgrades

Nova Scotia emergency rooms to get security upgrade

Drills help Texas healthcare facility prepare for the worst

Hospital safety measures have changed since 1998 infant kidnapping

Healthcare facilities boost security after attempts to abduct infant

New Research Finds EarlySense’s Contact-Free Technology to be 92% Accurate Compared with Gold Standard Polysomnography

Hospitals warned of potential terrorist attacks

IoT may open healthcare industry to more cyberattacks

ONVIF Explores Need for Standards in Critical Infrastructure at Intersec 2017

Patients, visitors hide in safe room during waiting room brawl

Maintaining physical safeguards for patient information

Armed inmate escapes N.C. hospital in leg shackles

AMICO Security Launches Next Generation ANC Composite Fence System Receives M5.0 Security Rating

Security and staff stop a shooting at Fla. healthcare facility

UK nursing home dealing with security concerns

Handling the holidays at a behavioral care treatment center

Tyco Security Products’ Irene Lam to Speak at 2016 Massachusetts Conference for Women

Man with gun triggers lockdown at Illinois hospital

Tyco Security Products Launches Shooter Detection System Integration

Virginia healthcare facility increasing security after fatal stabbing

Finding solutions for growing healthcare cyber security issues

Canadian healthcare facility to install $600K in security, safety improvements

Man sues after images of hospital stay aired on TV

Dealing with a healthcare facility cyber crisis

Staying prepared for an active shooter threat

Georgia hospital employee injured in shooting

Former patient stabs five at Pa. mental health facility

Hospitals investing in training of security employees

Maintenance can help hospitals maximize access control’s benefits

Michigan hospital plans security upgrade

When it comes to security, realistic optimism is recommended

Report alleges health system used security more for black patients

California OSHA adopts nation's strongest workplace violence prevention

Active shooter prevention strategies

Preparing for healthcare facility cyber attacks

San Antonio hospital increases security after employees attacked

Surveillance video shows moments before fatal Florida hospital shooting

Healthcare expert offers advice on establishing security plan

New Illustra IP Camera Analytics Strengthen Accuracy and Improve Operator Efficiency

Getting administrative buy-in for facility security

ONVIF Speaks on Standards, IoT at European Security Conferences

How healthcare facilities can stay ahead of cybercriminals

Pa. hospital security guards to become certified police officers

Hospitals focusing on security concerns

Venable and Disability Rights Maryland Secure Settlement for Comprehensive Sexual Assault Reforms at State Hospitals and Treatment Facilities

Calif. healthcare facilities deploy security robots

Hospital sued for videotaping surgeries

Mental hospital escape investigation finds 25,000 keys missing

Body cameras, CCTV part of Queensland hospitals' safety strategy

Health system executives discussed armed security

Is your healthcare facility prepared for an active shooter?

Lockdown after shooting lifted at Houston hospital

Detroit hospital fined for inadequate security

Hospitals must adopt disaster management standards by Nov. 2017

Detroit hospital fined for lax workplace security

Nursing home fined after laptop with patients' details stolen

VCU Medical Center police officer recognized for saving life

Florida hospital active shooter plan reducing violence

Survey shows hospitals differ in levels of cybersecurity

Banner cyberattack has healthcare facilities re-examining their defenses

Pokémon exposes vulnerabilities at healthcare facilities

Japan creating security guidelines for healthcare facilities following Sagamihara killings

Hospital security urged to embrace CMS guidelines

North Carolina Health Care exec recognized by Campus Safety

Florida hospitals upgrade security following fatal shootings at healthcare facility

Facility staffs express concern over security following Kanagawa stabbing

Delivering internal customer service in healthcare facility security

Outdated security devices can get left behind

What you need to know about the new HIPAA guidance on ransomware

Mass General, others ban staff from playing Pokemon Go

Technology can streamline visitor management at healthcare facilities

More hospitals ask Pokemon Go players to stay off their grounds

Missouri healthcare facilities ban Pokemon Go on campuses

Two dead after shooting in Florida healthcare facility patient room

Rolling Stone includes delivery rooms in list of strangest Pokestop locations

Hospitals prepped for convention protesters, delegates

Texas hospitals work to reduce security code confusion

Tips for healthcare facilities dealing with Pokemon Go

Security cameras get high marks from professionals

Mobile visitor management systems can improve efficiency

Hospital security pros discuss video surveillance

Do hospital data security standards put patient safety at risk?

Hospitals combat violence in the ER

Pennsylvania patient sold heroin from hospital room

Healthcare security in the 21st century

Va. hospital security guard will not be charged in patient shooting

Hospitals search for scope-cleaning solutions

Healthcare facilities tighten security after emergency room violence

Industry knowledge is key to meeting security compliance goals

Hospital cuts falls with 'virtual sitter' system

Protecting healthcare staff from patients

Working in healthcare becoming a risky business

Technology intelligence fuels healthcare security

Access control systems can boost security, workflow for healthcare facilities

Can Disney MagicBands work for hospitals?

Hospital security measures effect flower deliveries

What hospitals do to keep facility secure

Security increased after nurse is wounded in shooting at Los Angeles clinic

Can there be too much hospital security?

Are present hospital security plans enough?

Ohio health systems establishes own police force

After Boston Hospital shooting, area facilities revisit security

How much of a threat is gun violence in hospitals?

VA police cite nationwide security lapses after shooting

Indiana hospital creates police department

North Carolina hospital forms police department

Missouri mental hospital designed to be safer

Report: NHS hospitals call police 175 times a day

New Hampshire hospitals react to fatal shooting at area facility

Lights not enough to improve safety around hospital

Attack spurs concerns over hospital parking

Nevada hospitals add armed guards after shooting

Canadian hospital reviews security after patient violence

Armed attacks on hospitals becoming more frequent

Washington hospitals hit will data security breach

Florida facility focuses on Ebola prep

Survey shows growing workplace violence in healthcare

Study links armed guards to less hospital violence

Common security framework can be key tool for healthcare facilities

Temporary staffing in healthcare security

N.Y. prison expands medical facility

Hospital security departments bracing for Ebola impact

Appropriate technology key to hospital security

What if a flu pandemic were to happen tomorrow?

Stabbed surgeon calls for safety boost in Australian hospitals

Indiana health network forms its own police force

Temporary staffing in healthcare security

Faulty CCTV system prevents hospital assault probe

If you see something, say something

Violence in hospitals called rare but difficult to stop

Probe finds hospital security not properly trained after man jumps to his death

Minnesota Security Hospital under scrutiny

Is your hospital easy to navigate?

Healthcare needs to catch up on security

Nursing home worker alleges she wasn't warned of shooter drill

The importance of leadership in healthcare security

Hospital workers increasingly targets of violence

Keys to long-term care facility security

Hospital's security a coordinated effort

Infant abduction puts spotlight on maternity ward security

Michigan hospital holds armed-intruder drill

Hospitals increasingly faced with security issues

Involving security in an emergency situation

Baltimore hospital's K-9 unit helps cut security incidents

Poor communication cited in Wisconsin hospital shooting

Hospital system security will be allowed to make arrests on public property

Security reviewed after newborn abduction

Seattle medical center security staff to carry Tasers

Protecting safety while respecting patient autonomy

How HIPAA relates to the security officer

Improving a security program's effectiveness

UK hospital issuing personal alarms, panic buttons to staff

Hospital safety under fire after stabbings

Hospital parking lot, garage security a critical challenge

Behavioral health facility extends real-time locating system's reach

Quality security is a key to regulatory compliance

Man shoots himself at Johns Hopkins days after hospital safety symposium

Florida medical center renovated to increase security

Communication badges can help when staff are at risk

Hospital increases security after woman pushed down stairs

Ogres, onions and securing patient health records

Patrols increased after 'fluke' shooting in hospital parking lot

Comprehensive security locks down peace of mind

Greenville hospital shifting police security to unarmed guards

Canadian hospitals recognized for security programs

Security's role in averting drug diversion and theft

New security measures in place at Milwaukee hospital after shooting

Healthcare facilities need more physical security

Could MRI be hacking opportunity?

Technology, common sense key for hospital security

Health IT security facing 'perfect storm'

Study says healthcare organizations under siege from cyberattacks

Hospitals put patient safety first in storm preparation

Concord Hospital staff to conduct active shooter training exercise

Affordable Care Act impacting security

Proper CCTV placement based on risk assessment

Hospital parking attendants wear CCTV cameras for own safety

Installing healthcare security with HIPAA and OSHA in mind

SF General finds latest missing patient with new procedures

Best practices during patient watches help keep everybody safe

Hospital security must adapt to Affordable Care Act changes

SF General makes security changes after missing patient's death

Discovery of worker's body in nursing facility raises security questions

Minnesota lawmakers support reconstruction of hospital to increase security

Fort Wayne hospital wants own police force

Healthcare sector to test for cyber attack

Facility security key with domestic violence victims

Integrated systems can boost hospital safety

Wi-Fi can help secure an OB unit

Hospital installs safeguards to protect medical devices from cyber-attacks

Connecticut hospital enhancing security

BYOD security vital for healthcare companies

Hidden cameras are finding their way into long-term care facilities after discoveries of abuse

USB management in healthcare can be complicated

Parkland Hospital in Dallas designed to eliminate security, safety problems

California Attorney General releases report on curbing medical identity theft

Healthcare IT security is difficult, but not impossible

Advocate sued after huge data breach

How important is hospital security?

Designers must balance safety and comfort at psychiatric hospitals

High-tech equipment used to reduce infant abductions

HHS says photocopiers should be part of data security review

Check out the largest healthcare project in the U.S.

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