Energy and Power

Florida Healthcare System Buys into Solar

300-ton steel canopy will power 84 percent of executive office building


Microgrid Projects Show Tech’s Potential for Healthcare

Projects will include how to incorporate renewable energy and move away from diesel generators


Solar Array Covers 90 Percent Of Healthcare Facility’s Energy Needs

The installation will generate an estimated 541,645 kWh of clean energy annually


Key Questions When Renting Generators

Create detailed specifications regarding requirements, usage and site conditions.


Smart Lighting Design, Lighting Controls Can Optimize Daylighting

From window film to lighting controls, here are some strategies for overcoming daylighting challenges


Energy Reviews Reveal Hidden Inefficiencies

University of Maryland Medical Center discovers ways to decrease energy use


S.C.Hospital Using Software To Control Energy Use

Fault-detection diagnostic software can reduce waste


Achieving Net-Zero Energy

Historically high energy users, hospitals do have a pathway to net-zero energy


Kaiser Permanente First Healthcare System To Reach Carbon Neutrality

One hundred percent of energy the system uses is being either used in a green way or is offset


Case Study: Urology Center in Little Rock

The project provided lighting for a range of medical and cleanroom applications


How Hospitals Can Achieve Net-Zero Energy

Historically high energy users, hospitals do have a pathway to net-zero energy. These tips and real-world case studies illustrate how.


Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Power Strips

Brad Keyes discusses regulations related to power strips


Selecting the Right Steam Control Mechanism

Moving beyond ‘business as usual’ regulators and relief valves to explore different steam control options


Solar-Powered Hospitals Saving Lives in Congo

The installation at a hospital consists of 100 solar panels and seven batteries capable of accumulating the necessary energy to run the facilities for two full days


Clean Energy Microgrid Built For Covid-19 Hospital In Migrant Camp

Batteries combined with photovoltaics provide power for the pop-up clinic


A Healthcare Facility Lighting Retrofit Checklist

How do you begin to coordinate and come up with funds to replace lighting systems across thousands of square feet?


CHP Systems Offer Energy Efficiency At The Source

A loss of power can have devastating effects, particularly in hospitals and healthcare facilities that need reliable power to keep their patients alive and healthy


The Importance Of Surge Protection In Healthcare Facilities

Ventilators and other monitors must have a constant stream of power to reduce risks to patients


Microgrids in Hospitals Can Support Bolster Public Health

Hospitals need electricity for critical functions such as ventilators and dialysis machines


COVID-19 increases use of microgrids in healthcare sector

There are still regulatory, awareness barriers to adopting systems


The impact of blue light on patients at night

Light is critical to our health because it helps synchronize the biological clock that maintains our circadian rhythms


Reliable power source key during pandemic

In some countries, 25 percent of health clinics lack electricity


Resiliency can assure a safe environment of care

Energy resiliency remains the key factor in maintaining normal operations


During crisis, critical power plan is a must for the smaller medical facility

COVID-19 could affect supply chain long after the pandemic subsides


Regulations, Codes & Standards Q&A: Generators in an ambulatory surgery center

Brad Keyes discusses regulations for GFCI receptacles


Keeping the lights on during COVID-19

Ventilators and other equipment essential to treating patients with acute symptoms of the virus depend on electricity to function


Cool roofs can promote energy savings

By reflecting heat, and emitting absorbed heat, they keep building cooling costs lower


Tunable white LED lighting can offer energy savings

It also offers the chance to optimize the utility of your lighting system


Green hospitals may be better prepared to deal with crises

Boston Medical Center monitors its energy use around the clock


New Pa. healthcare facility to include energy-saving power plant

Allegheny Health Network Wexford Hospital will have a natural gas-fired, two-story power plant


Improving patient outcomes through daylight

Sprawling Parkland Memorial Hospital site adapts for future, automates for performance


How lighting controls reduce energy use

Lighting controls can reduce lighting energy use in institutional and commercial facilities by up to 47 percent


LED lighting can save lives, energy in hospital parking garage

Reston Hospital is expecting an 81 percent reduction in annual energy consumption


HVAC, lighting upgrades help facility save money

Changes support user needs and cut energy costs


Achieving reliable power with microgrids

Microgrids take advantage of the IIoT to make energy choices based on capabilities like forecasting weather and load optimization


Lighting strategies are evolving for senior living environments.

New technology and resident quality of life are two factors driving the change, according to an article on the Environments for Aging website


Lighting best start for energy efficiency plan

Upgrades to LEDs can yield huge energy savings and can usually be installed without disrupting facility operations


N.Z. hospital asked to end coal use for energy, heating

Doctor cites health and environmental concerns


Tips for selecting LEDs

LEDs are an easy win for energy savings. But make sure you select the right type for your space. Here's what you need to know.


Senior living facilities can make a large contribution to reduce carbon emissions

The senior living industry is responsible for approximately 3.8 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, according to an article on the Environments for Aging website


Lighting can support healthier patient rooms

Advanced lighting design can improve patient and visitor outcomes and comfort and staff productivity


Lighting controls upgrade guidelines

Focusing on control strategies, space needs and planning principles can help managers create successful installations


Keeping UPS and generators prepared for emergencies

Testing, maintenance and monitoring help standby systems support operations in a crisis


California’s blackouts reveal healthcare’s fragile power system

How do you provide care without electricity?


Net-metering officials financial benefits for solar

The best way to make solar financially feasible is with new utility net-metering programs


California blackouts shine light on healthcare system's vulnerability

Healthcare today is built on the assumption of steady power


California hospitals powered by generators during power outages

A total of 248 hospitals were located in areas where power was turned off


California wildfires force four Kaiser Permanente hospitals to operate on generators

An outbreak of wildfires in the state prompted Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) to shut down power in some areas


Developing a comprehensive utility-failure plan

The partnership between a facilities/engineering staff and the emergency management staff is critical



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