Groundskeeping - January 2016

Study says well-fed bed bugs are harder to kill

Researchers found that bed bugs that were allowed to feed after being treated with insecticides had greater rates of survival


Five moments when hand hygiene compliance needs to be a priority

Research shows every day one in 25 hospital patients has at least one healthcare-associated infection


Study finds C. diff. raises patient costs by 40 percent

Results showed that the infection costs an average of $7,285 more for each infected patient


Queensland healthcare facility cuts costs via energy optimization

Robina Hospital saved as much as 364,154 kilowatt hours in four months


Key control technology can enhance security in healthcare facilities

Physical key control and management systems can control the perimeter and interior doors


Pedestrian traffic in Montreal healthcare facility parking lot raises safety concerns

The emergency exit is not designed for heavy volume of pedestrians


New safety measures to be implemented to prevent suicide at Irish hospital

Anti-ligature products will be installed throughout the Waterside Hospital at Gransha


California hospitals' water conservation efforts continue

Hospitals are largely exempt from state's water-reduction mandate, but still work to conserve


OSHA gives Brigham & Women's list of ways to improve safety

A year after a doctor was killed inside the facility, some staffers have concerns about safety


Va. healthcare facilities mobilized for winter storm

Hospital leaders meet with various departments to make sure things ran smoothly no matter what


Aurora Health Care to invest $40 million in sports research center

Aurora will invest in Marquette University's Athletic Performance Research Center on its Milwaukee campus


Providers respond as hospital violence incidents rise

Plans include moving any potential weapons away from a patient's room to additional training for security officers


Mayo Clinic uses robots to fight Clostridium difficile bacteria

The stationary devices emit pulses of ultraviolet (UV) light that kill C. diff spores on exposed surfaces


Q&A on eyewash station locations

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question about eyewash station locations


Idaho healthcare facility tests active shooter response

St. Luke's Magic Valley Medical Center in Twin Falls conducted an emergency drill to practice an active shooter situation


Understanding design's role in patient falls

A team from Texas Tech University decided to view fall phenomena from a biomechanical perspective, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


A healthcare facility's wayfinding system should provide clear language for direction-giving

Consistent, simplified directions builds an interconnected system of communication


BIM benefits for healthcare facilities management

Today’s data management systems lead to more effective life cycle management of building assets and equipment


Oprah weighs in on paper vs. air debate for hand hygiene

Website spotlights a recent study in the Journal of Hospital Infection that tested three popular drying methods.


Is your healthcare facility's security just on the surface?

Hospitals can’t afford to have security that looks good but doesn’t actually provide protection


Healthcare facilities need physical safeguards for healthcare data security

Physical safeguards serve as a primary line of defense from potential threats


Sustainable design concern return to front burner

Sustainability design used moved to the back burner partly because many of the movement’s tenets have now become baseline expectations, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Hospital security guards fired for removing violent patient from E.R.

When the guards restrained the patient — who had just shot a police officer and another guard — and forced him outside, he fell back and hit the pavement.


Preparing skilled nursing facilities for emergencies

New survey data says some nursing homes are not as prepared as they should be for natural disasters and emergencies, according to an article on the Long-term Living website


Q&A on fire extinguisher maintenance

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question about fire extinguisher maintenance


Tailoring pest management for different healthcare facilities

The pests ‚ like the patients — can be very different for each facility


D.C. hospital patient's death after altercation with guards ruled a homicide

Two hospital security officers have been placed on leave pending the investigation


Hospitals eliminating antibiotics from meal offerings

Concern about the livestock industry's overuse of antibiotics has led a number of health care institutions to start choosing antibiotic-free meat


Strategies to decrease healthcare workplace violence

Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that from 2002 to 2013 incidents of serious workplace violence were, on average, four times more common in healthcare than in private industry


New year's hot topics involve managing and mitigating risks

Healthcare facilities professionals have a range of physical environment issues to watch


Healthcare facility standards support organizational goals

Advocate Health Care wrote its own flooring standards


Children's hospital reviews security after parents OD

Mother dies after injecting heroin in 7-month old daughter's hospital room, father arrested


Software can help connect healthcare facility's systems

Unconnected infrastructure can't give building operators, engineers and facility staffs data that can be used together to judge efficiency


Q&A on suite entrance doors

In a recent Q&A on the FacilityCare website, consultant Brad Keyes answered a question about suite entrance doors


ECRI list of healthcare innovations includes medical device cybersecurity

Cybersecurity gained greater attention in 2015 after the Hospira Symbiq Infusion System was hacked


Establishing a generator rental plan

A rental gives a healthcare facility a backup to its backup


London hospitals install sanitizing door handles

Handle ensures users sanitize their hands as they open the door


Access credentials among trends in healthcare security

Controlling access in a facility that is considered to be ‘open’ to the public is a challenging concept


N.C. hospital recognized for energy savings

Improvements have the hospital on track to save $125,000 on utilities this year


Four ways healthcare facilities can go green

Hospitals and healthcare networks can boost their sustainability to reduce waste and save money


MRSA could cost healthcare facilities hundreds of millions of dollars

2017 Medicare rules will include MRSA in all reimbursement calculations


Home-laundering of scrubs challenged

Readers of Outpatient Surgery magazine challenge regulations. common practices


Bill takes aim at nurses' workplace injuries

Legislation would force employers to develop systems to reduce hazards


Hospital conducts infectious disease drill

Franklin Memorial Hospital in Farmington, Maine, tests the hospital’s emergency operation plan


Hospitals gear up for tougher infection battles

Safety efforts increased to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria


Central utility plants support hospital mission

CUP is among the complex components in any hospital’s infrastructure


Gun discharges in MRI at VA hospital

It was not clear what steps the hospital takes to prevent patients for taking metal objects into MRI rooms


Creating better ES customer interactions

Environmental services professionals should be aware of their affects to ensure that they make positive impressions


Hospitals update to stay relevant

Modernizing systems and investing in technology will be essential


Benefits of implementing an electronic medical records system

Providers should remember three key factors when choosing a system for their urgent care center


Initiative seeks to protect healthcare facility staffs against assault

NHS Protect, National Police Chiefs’ Council and Crown Prosecution Service partner to promote safety


Legionella threats go beyond cooling towers

Facility managers of hospitals and longterm care facilities should be especially aware of Legionella


Healthcare facility safety bill called a win for nurses

U.S. lawmakers introduce the Nurse and Health Care Worker Protection Act


The evolving role of the badge in healthcare facilities

Latest technologies support multiple access control applications on the same smart card


Visual hacking a new threat to healthcare data

Visual hacking is a practice during which hackers capture data with a camera


Healthcare facilities stepping up electronic security

HIPAA compliance has created the need for additional access control and video surveillance in sensitive areas of the hospital



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