Facility Operations - May 2021

Hospital’s New Technology Aimed at Maintenance

Software recommends preventive actions based on historical data to avoid costly repairs


Disinfection in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Only 32 percent of 110,000 objects in healthcare facilities are thoroughly cleaned, studies show


Faulty Generator Hampers Hospital Operations

Patients transferred to surrounding hospitals, and surgical and elective procedures cancelled


Hospital at Home: Facilities Impact?

Programs use telehealth technologies to provide patients with hospital-level care in their homes


COVID-19 Strikes Hospital Construction Workers

Contractors working in non-clinical, closed area of Molokai General Hospital tested positive


VA Patient Deaths Lead to Bill on Security Cameras

Move comes after lapses that allowed nursing assistant to kill patients at West Virginia veterans hospital


Hospital Workers Get Emergency Backpacks

Backpacks include 32 servings of freeze-dried food, squeeze flashlight, portable stove and fuel tablets, and first aid supplies


Scissors Attack Leads to Lawsuit over Hospital Security

Lawsuit accuses hospital and its security team of "gross recklessness”


Federal Effort Targets Support for Long-Term Care in Emergencies

Two new committees to provide support for older adults and people with disabilities in long-term care facilities


Healthcare Parking Fees Draw Scrutiny

Spotlight on ‘financial toxicity’ of cancer treatment, including costs not covered by insurance, such as parking fees


Ransomware Crisis Enters Third Week

More than two weeks after a cyber attack, Scripps Health fighting to get back online


Face Facts: Security Issues and Facial Recognition Technology

More hospitals use technology to augment security programs to protect patients and staff


Hospitals Ramp Up Cybersecurity in Shadow of Pipeline Attack

Healthcare-related cyber attacks rose by 55 percent in 2020


Minimizing Pandemic’s Impact on Facilities Funding

Best practices in securing capital and operational funding


Spotlight: Resident Security Technology

With advances in resident security technology, facilities managers have access to range of helpful resources


Hospitals, Hurricanes and the Need for Resilience

Group encourages facilities to prepare for hurricane season


Joint Commission IDs Top Safety Issues for Facilities

Infections and utility systems among top challenges in 2020


Ransomware Attacks Up 102 Percent in 2021

Healthcare sees highest volumes of ransomware attempts, averaging 109 attempts per entity per week


How VA Figured Out Food Service During Pandemic

Goal was to provide guidance that would help foodservice teams at individual hospitals best manage their own situation


Cyber Attack Evolves To Pose New Threats

Group behind SolarWinds attack adjusts tactics, according to government advisories


Hospital Evacuation Drill Targets Wildfires

Training prepares staff to respond to emergencies as part of safety and crisis planning and preparation


200,000 VA Records Exposed Online

Exposed data included patient names, birth dates, medical information, contact information and physician details


Fire Systems: Overlooked Cybersecurity Targets

Fire and life safety systems with cyber weaknesses can compromise safety


ASHRAE, UV Group Partner on Research, Standards

ASHRAE, IUVA will cooperate to promote advancement of emerging research and technologies


Fueled by COVID-19, Fungal Infection Impacts Long-Term Care

Public health officials concerned that pandemic has created unique opportunities for infections to spread


Healthcare CEOs Vow Better Protection for Workers

Group aims to ensure workers have systems, tools, technologies and resources to feel safe


ASHRAE Updates Healthcare Facilities Ventilation Standard

Standard offers guidance, regulation, and mandates to designers of healthcare facilities


Pipeline Cyber Attack Rekindles Threat to Healthcare

Officials continue to warn of imminent cyber threat against hospitals and health care systems


Engaged Management Key in Controlling Infections

Lessons learned about better control of HAIs can apply to other pathogenic outbreaks, such as COVID-19


CDC: COVID-19 Can Be Transmitted from More Than 6 Feet Away

Agency previously said most infections took place through close contact, not airborne transmission


Alert Targets FiveHands Ransomware Attacks

Group has targeted businesses in healthcare, education, construction, engineering and food and beverage


Oxygen-Related Fires Target of Safety Alert

Managers must learn from fatal incidents to keep patients and staff safe


Healthcare IT: The Human Toll of Ransomware

Connected devices enable more widespread care but also create increased vulnerability to ransomware


UV-C Can Improve Efficacy of Disinfectants: Study

Disinfection using BAK followed by UVC radiation can minimize harmful effect of BAK residues on humans


List of Healthcare Organizations Hit By Ransomware Attack Grows

Hospitals and health systems nationwide report data breaches linked to ransomware attack on CaptureRx


Hospitals Driving Surface Disinfectant Sales: Study

High-level disinfectants have emerged as top-selling products in market


SF Hospitals Rethink Use of Police for Security

Healthcare workers using de-escalation tactics would replace deputies


Program Enables Energy, Water Efficiency in New Hospital

C-PACE provides lower-cost access to energy and water saving technologies, along with resilience measures and alternative energy


Mold Case Against Seattle Hospital Advances

Public health documents relate to Aspergillus mold infections at Seattle Children’s hospital


Average Ransomware Demand on Healthcare: $4.6 Million

Healthcare second only to education among industries most affected by tracked ransomware incidents


Cyber Attack Hampers Scripps Health’s Operations

Weekend attack continues to plague San Diego-based healthcare system


How Safe Are U.S. Hospitals?

Grades focus on ability to protect patients from preventable errors, accidents, injuries and infections


Stabbings Raise Security Alerts at Little Rock Hospitals

Four knife attacks caused local hospitals to double down on security


Looking for Trouble: How To Plan for the Next Crisis

Preparing healthcare facilities for natural and manmade threats


Rethinking Ergonomics for Food Service Workers

Specialists observed workers, noting how when and where they were lifting improperly, pulling, pushing and reaching


Infection Control During Renovation Projects

EVS managers can help improve existing design to incorporate new best practices for infection prevention


Cyber Security Myths and Misconceptions

Healthcare IT managers are struggling with some massive cybersecurity blindspots and misconceptions


Flexibility Key for Future HVAC System Design

COVID-19 can spread via aerosol transmission, so controlling airflows is critical


D.C.’s Largest Solar Array Debuts

Children’s National Research & Innovation Campus located on former Walter Reed Army Medical Center campus


VA Expands 5G Technology in Facilities

5G infrastructure to support connectivity between medical devices and greater use of virtual reality tools


Surfaces, Sanitization and COVID-19: A Closer Look

Literature review focuses on ability of viruses to live on inanimate and inert objects



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