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Ardent Health Services Ensnared in Ransomware Attack

Warren General Hospital Experiences Data Breach

How Facial Recognition Technology Works for Hospitals

CMMS: Making the Upgrade-or-Replace Decision

Risks and Dangers of Sharing Patient Data with AI

How Building Automation Systems Impact Healthcare Facilities

HealthAlliance Hospital and Margaretville Hospital Resume Operations Following Cyberattack

Moffitt McKinley Hospital Improves Patient Experience with Personal Technology

Can Building Automation Systems Assist with Management and Maintenance?

Being Cybersecurity-Aware for Healthcare's Vulnerabilities

MUSC Health Hospitals Caught in Westat Data Breach

Third Party Vendors May Put Healthcare Facilities at Risk for Cyberattacks 

Community First Medical Center Struck by Data Breach

Challenges to Be Aware of With Building Automation Systems

Can Building Automation Systems Help Save Energy?

Updated Notice from Prospect Medical Regarding Data Breach

3 Ways Technology Can Benefit Facilities Teams

KnowBe4 Releases Figures Concerning Healthcare Cyberattacks

How Do Building Automation Systems Impact Patients' Experiences?

Oak Valley Hospital District Experiences Data Breach

What Cyber Threats Exist for Healthcare Facilities?

North Mississippi Health Services Routs Cyberattack in 17 Minutes

What Role Does Facilities Management Play in Healthcare Cybersecurity?

Singing River Health System Rattled with Cyberattack

CentroMed Hit with Data Breach

Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers Experiences Cyberattack

Chattanooga Heart Institute Caught in Cyberattack

Mergers Pose Increased Risk for Cyberattacks

LiDAR in Healthcare Facilities Management

LifeWorks Wellness Center Falls Victim to Data Breach

Norton Healthcare Faces Class Action Lawsuit Following Cyberattack

Tampa General Hospital Hit by Data Breach

UT Southwestern Medical Center Hit in MOVEit Software Vulnerability

Northern Arizona VA Healthcare System Faces Cybersecurity Audit

FTC and OCR Caution Against Use of Online Tracking Technologies

Measuring IAQ Is Crucial in Healthcare Facilities

Henry Ford Health Struck with Data Breach

South Suburban Surgical Suites Hit by Breach

HCA Healthcare Suffers Data Breach

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Hit by Cyberattack

Several Senior Care Facilities Hit by Cyberattack

Cyberattack Hits Several Idaho Healthcare Facilities

Lehigh Valley Health Network Targeted by Ransomware

CareNet Medical Group Hit by Data Theft 

New Horizons Medical Impacted by Data Breach

Atlanta Women's Health Group Experiences Data Breach

What is the Use Case for Robotics in Healthcare Facilities?

Bill Passes to Better Protect Rural Hospitals from Cyber Attacks

Trinity Health Hit with Class Action Lawsuit

Columbus Regional Healthcare System Targeted by Daixin Team

Henry Mayo Employee Allegedly Gained Access to Protected Records

Hospital Onboarding Prompt Engineer to Help Implement ChatGPT

Healthcare Cyberattacks Disrupt Neighboring Hospital Emergency Departments

Albany ENT & Allergy Services Targeted by Two Ransomware Groups

Texas Health Resources Joins the Dandelion Consortium

How Will Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Impact Healthcare Facilities?

New Bill Aims to Better Protect Rural Hospitals from Cyberattacks

What Kinds of Energy Efficient Technologies Can Hospitals Use?

NextGen Healthcare Hit with Cyberattack Potentially Exposing Protected Health Information

New Rule May Prohibit Healthcare Facilities From Paying Ransom During Cyberattacks

Two Rivers Public Health Department Patient Data Accessed Without Authorization

Essentia Health Upgrades Patient Experience with New Technology

Lock Socket Solutions Used in the Houston Methodist Hospital System

St. Luke's Health System Accidentally Discloses Protected Health Information

Sarah D. Culbertson Memorial Hospital Fully Restores IT Network After Cyberattack

BrightSpring Health Services Targeted in Ransomware Attack

CommonSpirit Health Provides Update on October 2022 Ransomware Attack

Healthcare Coalition Releases AI Guidelines

Class Certification in CareFirst Lawsuit Denied by District Court Judge

Tracking and Analytics Tool Compromised Patient Data

Atlantic General Hospital Experienced Possible Data Breach

Community Health Systems Experiences Security Incident

Atlantic General Hospital Experiences Privacy Incident

Health Systems Turn to Artificial Intelligence to Ease Workforce Shortages

Bone & Joint Experiences Data Security Incident

Cyberattacks Play a Role in Patient Deaths

Henrico Doctors' Hospital Hit with Data Breach

The Internet of Things Can Maintain Restrooms More Efficiently

Healthcare Facilities May Have Time to Embrace the Metaverse

Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare Diverts Patients in Wake of Cyber Incident

UCLA Health Alerts Patients of Compromised Data

CMMS Upgrades: Functions, Benefits and Challenges

3 Predictions for Digital Transformation in 2023

Ransomware Attacks on Healthcare More Than Doubled From 2016 to 2021

Baptist Health Foundation Receives Grant for Smart Technologies

Healthcare Industry Hit with Most Cyberattacks in 2022

HHS Warns of New Ransomware Group Attacks on Healthcare Facilities

Metaverse and Healthcare: A Technological Partnership That Has Already Begun

Federal COVID-19 Telehealth Program Includes Senior Living Residents

What the Rise of Digital Healthcare Means for Real Estate and Facilities

Howard Memorial Hospital's Data Stolen in Cyberattack

More Hospitals Expected to Use Blockchain Technology to Protect Data

CMS Warns of Breach Impacting 254,000 Medicare Beneficiaries

Guide Offers Telehealth Implementation Insights

Connected Medical Devices Accelerating Cyberattacks at Healthcare Facilities

Hand Dryer Manufacturers Drive New Technologies Forward

Healthcare Facilities Suffered More Cyberattacks than Other Industries

Healthcare Facilities Predicted to Utilize Blockchain Technology in Coming Years

Cybersecurity Attacks Now Commonplace within Healthcare Facilities

Quarter of Healthcare Organizations Halted Operations After Ransomware Attacks

Healthcare Facilities to Rely on Automation as Labor Shortage Continues

Healthcare Facilities Use Data to Drive Compliance

FBI and CISA Warn Healthcare Facilities of Ransomware Group Daixin Team

Artificial Intelligence Healthcare Market Expected to Grow 47 Percent

Cybersecurity Evolve as Attacks on Healthcare Sector Grow

Demand for HVAC Controls Drives Building Automation Market

Demand for New Construction Increases Need for Elevators

Technology and Design Can Future-Proof Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare Security Guideline Targets Body Cameras

Automation Requires Collaboration with Employees, Not Resistance

IoT Poised to Disrupt Healthcare Industry

UV Disinfection Technology Gets Boost

Overlake Medical Center Installs VITEC IPTV System, Sees Results

Safety of Patients and Data Depends on Cybersecurity Protocols

How Real-Time Location Systems Saved Healthcare Facilities During COVID

Automation Can Prevent Burnout within Healthcare Facilities

Nichlaus Children’s Hospital Unveils First Wayfinding App 

New Study Shows Vendor Management Systems Improve Healthcare Facilities’ Ecosystems

VA Continues Rollout of New EHR to Protect Data

Healthcare Management Solutions Market Sees Growth

Healthcare Facilities Still Lack in Digital Transformation

FBI Warns Against Cyberattacks, What Healthcare Facilities Can Do to Better Protect Themselves

Healthcare Employees’ Behaviors Could Lead to Cybersecurity Risks

Hospitals’ Body Cameras Help Fight Workplace Violence

Why Healthcare Facilities Need to Update Their Software Systems

Less Than Half of Healthcare Facilities are Utilizing Multicloud Services

Healthcare Facility Infrastructure Changes for the Digital Age

What Healthcare Facilities Risk When Patient Data Gets Exposed

How Will Technology Change the Way Healthcare Facilities Operate?

Incoming Technology Trends for Healthcare Facilities Management

NIST Guide Targets Cybersecurity for Telehealth

How to Gain Patient Trust with New Technology

Now is the Time to Improve Cybersecurity Protocols

How Will Technology Change the Healthcare Industry?

CISA Sends ‘Shields Up’ Message to Healthcare Organizations

Health Centers Receive $55 Million To Expand Access

Patient Data Concerns Grow as Facilities Add Technology

Healthcare Facilities Digitize to Meet Evolving Pandemic Needs

VA’s New EHR Creates Woes for Physicians: GAO 

Cyber Attacks Are on the Rise, What Can Hospitals Do?

Telemedicine Market Growing Rapidly

IoT Reshapes Healthcare By Cutting Costs, Increasing Efficiency

Healthcare Tech Needs Up-To-Date Security

Selecting the Right CMMS

Ransomware Attack Leads To Death Of Patient In Germany

Cybersecurity Not Just A Technology Problem

Most Abu Dhabi hospitals Now Digitally Connected

Healthcare Facilities Have Complex Cybersecurity Risks

Designing Healthcare Facilities with Mass Notification in Mind

Temporary Hospitals Have Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

The ‘Hospital Of Tomorrow’ Expected To Extent Beyond Hospital Walls

IoT Leverages Existing Systems To Effect Operating Efficiencies

Switching From Phone To Video Telehealth

Telemedicine’s Impact Expected To Last Beyond Coronavirus

Mayo Clinic Invests $1M To Expand Telehealth

Hospital Cyber Attacks On the Rise with Covid

Telemedicine Market Expected to Hit $175 Billion by 2026

Contact Tracing Gets Real

Integrating EHR and medical devices in longterm care

The COVID-19 public health emergency highlights the need for better data accessibility in healthcare

How to manage senior care facilities during crisis

Orlando’s VA Medical Center at Lake Nona updates digital infrastructure

Pandemic has greatly increased the use of telemedicine

How hospitals can prepare for a ‘new normal’

Chatbots are reshaping the way COVID-19 ERA healthcare facilities and hospitals connect with patients

Banner Health launching virtual waiting room

Optimizing physical spaces for telehealth

Location technology: The next investment for healthcare

Finding the right technology for your facility

Coronavirus’s impact on healthcare IT: Part Two: Supporting real-time needs of hospitals in crisis

Real-time visibility into patient, staff and equipment locations takes safety and strategy to the next level

Coronavirus’s impact on healthcare IT: Supporting real-time needs of hospitals in crisis

EHR browser extension: Essential tool for optimizing value-based care initiatives

Best practices to keep networks secure

Digital certificates play key role in healthcare industry

Technology that detects falls helps shown to reduce ED services

Patient 'edutainment' systems evolving to better serve patients and staff

VA to open all 5G-enabled hospital in California

FDA issues cybersecurity warning for GE medical equipment

Managed IT services for healthcare: Spending the IT budget wisely, while maximizing ROI

Addressing software challenges

Internet of Medical Things changing future of healthcare

Technology saves Toronto hospital $3.2 million a year in energy costs

Driving savings, standardization and service excellence with enterprise strategy for clinical engineering

Roadmap to smart hospital: Step-by-step guide to the future of care

The importance of a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)

Cost of data breaches most in healthcare industry

Tips for medical device cybersecurity

Technology helps makes Stanford Hospital safer, more efficient

Innovation, automation and a 21st Century end-user experience: Aligning expectations with reality

What healthcare must understand about cybersecurity

Looking to design a new space? Key considerations in AV technology

Florida hospitals install electronic paper patient and room information displays

Securing patients' medical information

Blockchain technology holds potential of transforming healthcare sector

Case study: The prescription for EMI New York City

Mission: Revamp Healthcare 2019 — Top policies this year to reimagine healthcare

Smart hospitals market experiencing high demand for hospital-based software

mHealth market will register 38.0% CAGR Growth to cross $289.4 billion by 2025

Why are there so many security breaches in healthcare?

Power over Ethernet (PoE) synchronized wall clocks: A timely choice in new construction and renovation healthcare projects

Infrared imaging comes of age

Key steps to a smart building

Tech can help healthcare facilities guard against disaster

Patient care’s next frontier: The Internet of Things

Technology is evolving in healthcare facilities

The benefits of patient entertainment systems

Choosing IoT tools for green buildings

Conversational chatbots in healthcare facilities

Healthcare information technology market to reach $441 billion by 2025

Robot with video link used to tell patient he’s dying

Securing the Internet of medical things

On the edge: How hybrid IT is advancing healthcare

How to mitigate risks associated with connected medical devices

Healthcare laboratory informatics market to cross the billion-dollar benchmark by 2024

Health tech needs to evolve with changing patient expectations

The Internet of Medical Things can improve patient care, clinical management

The blueprint for IoT infrastructure in healthcare

Digital health market valuation to exceed USD 379 billion by 2024

An MRI installation disabled a hospital's iPhones

Facilitating a successful digital adoption program in your healthcare organization

How healthcare facilities can stop cyber-criminals

Reassessing healthcare facilities' wireless networking strategy

CMS Administrator calls for an end to physician fax machines by 2020

Healthcare industry hit hardest by cybercrime

Top three trends underlining healthcare gamification market landscape

Virginia electronically links all of its emergency departments

Patient risks grow when facilities underestimate IT

Making the most out of healthcare IT in an ambulatory care setting

Technology's role in healthcare design, operations growing

U.S. News changing methodology for Best Hospitals ranking

Hospitals using 'smart' technology to improve treatment, finances

FCC rate review holding up subsidies to rural healthcare facilities internet bills

Healthcare artificial intelligence market to record a CAGR of 40 percent over 2017-2024

VA expands telehealth regulations

Health intelligent virtual assistant market is disrupting industry

Cyberattackers exploit healthcare data security weaknesses

Defending against ransomware attacks

Securing IoT in healthcare is critical

IoT offers new opportunities for healthcare

Providence St. Joseph Health launches telehealth in more than 100 facilities

Enter the hospital change maker: Supply chain of the future

Software solutions can help with long-term care physical plant issues

Telehealth is affecting built environments

Apple's recent hospital deals may signal industry shakeup

Ultrasound, MRI reports highly vulnerable to cyber crimes

Threat of healthcare data breaches growing

Report finds healthcare lagging in cybersecurity protocols

Document storage systems: Embracing the documentation paradigm shift

New hospitals bring new tech challenge

Maryland hospital attributes success to giving IT staff independence

Arming security officers with tablets may boost productivity

Transforming the digital experience in healthcare

The ABC of FHIR: Reinventing interoperability

Could technology have prevented Carolinas HealthCare System’s $6.5 million lawsuit?

Hospitals urged to be ready for 5G connectivity

Tomorrow's hospital will include digital command centers

Tokyo hospital tracks equipment via RFID-enabled shelving

How the burning FHIR affects healthcare organizations

Cybercriminals may be planning a new type of attack on healthcare

Survey: Data breaches a concern for 95 percent of hospital CIOs

The future of health intelligent virtual assistant market

Children's healthcare records especially vulnerable to cyber attacks

Crowdsourcing challenge seeking hospital electrical distribution innovations

Wired hospitals using technology to drive efficiency

Bringing robust bandwidth support to a retirement community

New energy pipeline already creating savings for healthcare facility

Pew urges Congress to reject ONC budget cuts

Preventing ransomware attacks in healthcare facilities

HHS says healthcare cybersecurity in 'critical condition'

How cloud-based asset management became essential to efficient healthcare operations

The end of net neutrality will impact healthcare

Future healthcare facilities will not have patients in them, IT expert says

Huge healthcare facility relies on healthcare virtualization

Healthcare needs IF security talent

Deadline for emergency preparedness approaching for hospitals

Kaiser Permanente: Members embracing virtual visits

VDI can boost IT security for healthcare facilities

Boosting healthcare facilities' cybersecurity

Data disaster recovery planning key for healthcare facilities

Technology plays role in rural facility design

Healthcare interoperability slowed by financial, cultural challenges

Nevada dementia care facility features in-room sensors

2016 investors were bullish on health information technology

Technology use can trim healthcare facility expenses

Mainframe Cost Control: New Version Software to Get the Most Out of Country Multiplex Pricing

Massachusetts hospital adds digital welcome for kids

Healthcare urged to update software

Telehealth's impact on healthcare's physical environment

Lessons learned from cybersecurity in 2016

3-D mapping allows seniors to explore community

Healthcare ransomware attacks in 2016

2016 saw a 63% hike in major healthcare cyberattacks

EarlySense Partners with American Well to Provide Telehealth Services Powered by Smart Sensors

Setting sights on your data: Visual hacking in high-risk industries

IT Governance: Global IT Consultant’s New Book Showcases ‘Transformation Eco System’ Framework to Data Optimization

Montana healthcare facilities want to ditch fax machines

Advanced Plan for Health Upgrades Next-Generation Predictive Analytics On Poindexter Population Health Management Platform

EarlySense Named Among Israel’s Fastest-Growing Companies on 2016 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 List

Ransomware challenges expected to continue in healthcare

UMass Amherst to pay $650,000 HIPAA fine

New CTO at Iqarus Promises Significant Innovation in Remote Healthcare

LEEDARSON Joins ZigBee Alliance Board of Directors

Hospitals urged to be careful with the Internet of Things

Managing technology in healthcare design

Catalyst to interoperability in federal healthcare

National Innovation Contest Presents Cost-lowering Healthcare Technology

Report says healthcare workers lack basic cybersecurity awareness

Virtual Mgr Announces New Customers in California and New York

Healthcare sector stumbling on cybersecurity

Former Silicon Labs Executive Appointed Chief Technology Officer of RF Code

Tackling healthcare cybersecurity challenges

Federal rule key to health IT infrastructure development

Chicago healthcare facility uses GPS to try to eliminate wait times

Toronto healthcare facility gets smart with technology

Integrating security and safety technologies can benefit hospitals

Philadelphia hospital to have smart patient rooms

Charleston Area Medical Center Improves Quality and Performance in Patient Engagement and Readmissions

Johnson Controls and Department of Homeland Security sign Cooperative Research and Development Agreement on cybersecurity

Introduction of New Console Server Expands Internet of Things Capabilities for Emerson Network Power

AnMed Health Improving Patient Education, Satisfaction and Value-Based Purchasing Reimbursements

Adventist Health System Adopts the Imprivata Biometric Patient Identification Platform

HHS to help fund healthcare cybersecurity

The $54 million Mercy hospital doesn't have beds

EarlySense Launches New Wireless Monitoring Tool to Help Reduce Hospital Readmissions and Patient Falls

TrackVia Helps Digitize Largest Hospital Construction Project In North America

Benefits of wireless access control

Sharecare Wins Four Digital Health Awards

Kentec Protects Top Cambridge Biolab Facilit

Healthcare facilities – a recipe for data breach disaster

Nursing home fined after laptop with patients' details stolen

Internet of Things in healthcare creating fundamental changes

Cybersecurity survey finds providers are enhancing programs

Many health IT pros still don't encrypt

Healthcare cybersecurity improving

Flex technology designed to cut costs

Tips on building a healthcare facility telecommunications network

Healthcare's cybersecurity problem

Learning from banking industry to deal with data breaches

Banner Health cyberattack sparks class-action suit

Favor TechConsulting, LLC Awarded Task Order on Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Transformation Twenty-One Total Technology Next Generation (T4NG)

Asset tracking can transform healthcare

Alternative technologies can help to ease anxiety

HIPAA compliance can help against ransomware attacks

Healthcare facility installs 'genius bar' to help patients with technology

Information security pros needed in healthcare

HHS cybersecurity task force has second in-person meeting

Why patient engagement is key to success in today’s value-based market

Designing a facility for virtual healthcare

What you need to know about the new HIPAA guidance on ransomware

Data overload could swamp healthcare Internet of Things

Trends shaping cybersecurity

Telemedicine still waiting for 'Uber moment'

Connected technology: The healthcare professional’s new best friend

Tech solutions can soothe kids before surgery

The best IT certifications for a healthcare professional

White paper explores value of interactive patient education systems

Study says healthcare workers choose efficiency over password security

The case for proactive outbound notifications in healthcare contact centers

Internet of Medical Things exposes healthcare facilities' security weaknesses

Architect discusses technology’s role in improving healthcare

Predictions for bump in healthcare cybersecurity threats realized

Healthcare Internet of Things can improve patient care

AZ healthcare system reports exposure of employee information

VCU Health uses patient engagement cart to help tetraplegia patients

Aging population expected to create huge senior-care market

Internet of Things is disrupting healthcare

Off-site patients stay connected with wearable devices

Healthcare facility workflow improved by Internet of Things

Improving patient care with IT

Designers predict shift from public to home-centric healthcare model

Weak IT security programs may spell disaster for healthcare organizations' bottom lines

Monitoring technology can improve care, efficiency

Wisconsin hospital has TV studio for in-house programming

Internet of Things is turning the home hospital into a reality

N.J. hospital adds health tech support space

Clinicians' use of mobile devices increasing

New Kaiser hospital features updated technology

The 'Internet of things' can offer solutions or new problems

Acronyms facility managers should know

Supply chain technology can save time, money

New technologies aid hospital design and construction

Technology boosting building efficiency

Top health technology hazards named

Washington hospitals hit will data security breach

Key HIPAA physical safeguards

Medical computers can lower operating costs

Evolving technology affects healthcare design

Should IT users be treated like patients?

Mothers get remote link to babies in intensive care

TriRivers Health Partners installs integrated power management system

CMMS success rests on having a plan, goals

Electronic surveillance cuts death rates, study says

Technology infrastructure can reduce costs and improve patient care

Ebola, HAIs boost sales of infection-control software

Bedside tech part of the healing process

Healthcare facilities turning to data centers as technology needs grow

Mercy Virtual invests in telemedicine

Follow call to interoperability

Traditional commissioning doesn't fully address healthcare technology

Ogres, onions and securing patient health records

App supports job site safety and accountability

Healthcare data center projects dictated by needs, resources

Facilities honored for advances in technology use

Stolen medical data accounts for 43 percent of identity theft

Healthcare spaces for IT systems integration have specific design challenges

Designing a 'smart' hospital

ONC offering flexibility with electronic health records

Healthcare CEO gives tips for smarter business intelligence

Poll shows most healthcare CEOs think IT will bring big changes

Aurora hospital's automated capacity system helped bring order after tragedy

Successful technology use needs staff buy-in

Report sees progress with health information exchanges

Does IT security hinder healthcare productivity?

Could MRI be hacking opportunity?

Technology gaps threaten post-acute facilities

Network technology becoming fourth utility in healthcare construction

App boosts efficiency at hospital job site

Upgrading infrastructure for electronic health records

Time to retire the fax machine

Wi-Fi can help secure an OB unit

ACOs tech needs go beyond EHRs

Some UK hospitals to replace bedside charts with iPads

ASHE app offers resources to go

Hospital installs safeguards to protect medical devices from cyber-attacks

Waiting room environment and experience effects patient satisfaction

A peek at next year's IT buzzwords for healthcare technology geeks

Connecting to off-campus healthcare operations

Hiring for talent, not tenure: An innovative approach to healthcare IT staffing

Radio frequency identification technology facing 'perfect storm' in healthcare

BYOD policies must be part of healthcare network security

Does enterprise architecture have a place in healthcare?

Demonstrating the business case for infection control

Digital healthcare bringing many changes to how healthcare is delivered, study says

Electronic health tools may cut in-person physician visits

Report examines health IT and quality measurement

Rural Arkansas hospitals get funds to connect to state HIE

Michigan health information exchanges connecting data

Smartphone locators becoming key to mobile workforce management

Telemedicine: The days of dismissing it as a mere technology option are over

EHR vendors facing certification hurdles difficulties under Stage 2 of meaningful use

New Jersey medical center takes emergency care mobile

California Attorney General releases report on curbing medical identity theft

Study says health information technology job growth exceeds projections

Court dismisses lawsuit over UCLA Health System data breach

Challenges for big data in healthcare more social than technical

Major challenges looming for health IT leaders

Information abundance will transform health care

Illinois hospital unveils new patient safety initiative

Technology-enabled furnishings can enhance the patience experience

Park Nicollet Clinic adds digital signage for wayfinding, social media access

IT has a vital but complicated role to play in the health service

Protecting patients in an era of BYOD security

Disruption should be avoided in healthcare analytics

Case study: El Centro Regional Medical Center solves printer management headache

Patient portal business booming

Will healthcare turn into a Walmart-like experience?

Data rights debated by privacy advocate, analytics expert

New HIPAA rules pose complex challenges for providers

Johns Hopkins backs effort to fast-track health IT ideas

Doctors spending more money on IT, report says

A collection of insights into the HIPAA Omnibus final rule

Behaviorial Healthcare survey details 40 electronic health record systems

Five blog entries from National Health IT Week

Methodist Hospital of Southern California cybersecurity program honored

Five ways to link health information technology, quality measurement

Demand for nurse informaticists ramps up

Take the long view when investing in health care data

White paper: Defining a framework to meet healthcare technology challenges

Study shows patients prefer digital communication over print

Healthcare IT security is difficult, but not impossible

Residential facilities get new pediatric infection prevention guidelines

IBM to build analytics platform for NYC hospital system

HHS awards $5.3 million for health IT in rural areas

Three ways big data is changing healthcare

How does a community hospital manage data growth?

Learning HIM from experts

Rush Memorial Hospital named 2013 Most Wired

Advances in nurse call system technology offer new, better care options

Can social networking help solve EHR interoperability?

Planning a healthcare analytics strategy

Health system embraces earthbound data storage

Patient barcoding introduced to curb medication errors

VNA can be antidote to proprietary health care data

Advocate sued after huge data breach

Many hospitals at risk for EHR penalties

Would FDA-regulated IT systems make health care safer?

High-level data security, flexibility seen in the cloud

Doctors in Dubai will soon prescribe (Android) tablets

High-tech hospital room monitors more than entertainment

AAMI releases free wireless information resource

Real-time location services can save time and improve care

Wireless body area networks open up health care and consumer possibilities


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