Infection Control - January 2019

Flu activity elevated in most of the U.S.

CDC expects flu activity to remain elevated for a number of weeks


Two dead after pigeon dropping infection at Glasgow hospital

Control measures have been put in place amid further investigation


UK infection measures reviewed after baby’s death

Pseudomonas bacteria are commonly found in soil, plants and water supplies


Sunshine may kill bacteria in dust

Dust kept in the dark contained organisms closely linked to some respiratory diseases


Attorney says clients contracted hepatitis from unsanitary N.J. health facility

Attorney represents hundreds of former patients of facility


Study: Ultraviolet disinfection 97.7% effective in operating rooms

Study examined a UV light technology that can be used in a range of healthcare settings


How clean are healthcare facilities?

Thorough environmental cleaning is required to ensure that hospitals are safe for patients


Sanitizing a hospital mattress

The procedures are rarely completed properly, especially rinsing, negating the value of the process


Privacy curtains challenge infection control efforts

Most facilities are still using privacy curtains to avoid expensive remodels


WHO includes flu pandemic, Ebola in top 10 threats to global health

Air pollution and climate change top the list


Arkansas cancer clinic sued over bacterial outbreak

The plaintiffs were clinic patients with chemotherapy ports who were infected with the bacteria


The role of auditing in cleaning and disinfection

Nurses play a vital role in healthcare settings


First in-season flu numbers released by CDC

This is the first time these estimates are being provided during the flu season


Scottish hospital porters handle clinical waste during protests

A union had advised its members to stop dealing with the waste after four staffers were injured


How ready is the U.S. for an Ebola outbreak?

Fourteen percent of administrators felt their facilities were unprepared for a patient with Ebola or an EID


Ultraviolet light added to disinfection cuts C diff.

During the study, C diff. infection rates dropped in the intervention units to 11.2 from 28.7 per 10,000 patient


Legionnaires' found at Pennsylvania facility

One of the infected residents has died due to multiple contributing health factors


Study finds bacteria in ancient Irish soil stops growth of superbugs

The soil in question is reputed to have healing properties


CDC, APIC offer new infection prevention tools

Tools released are being tested at three hospitals


Hartlepool healthcare facilities sees 27 percent drop in C. diff. infections

Reported community acquired infections have shown a 32 percent rise


Reducing cross-contamination risk

The environmental services staff needs to know the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting


Bill Gates says we aren't ready for a deadly pandemic

He believes the next deadly epidemic will be the flu


Study finds: Antimicrobial hospital curtains cut bacterial contamination

One type of antimicrobial curtain was highly effective at reducing the number of bacteria living on the surface


Mold in hospital’s maternity unit sickens more than 50 employees

More than 50 employees in the maternity unit at Staten Island University Hospital North say they've been sickened in recent months by an odor


Glasgow surgical cleaning unit closes after mold and bacteria is found

Although a deep clean was performed, mould continues to be an issue


Bacteria found on EEG electrodes poses infection risk

Twenty-five percent of cleaned reusable electrodes still had bacteria present


New York hospital urged to move maternity ward over mold and leaking gas fears

The mold and anesthetic gas traces were detected in the maternity ward at Staten Island University Hospital North


Doctors say Palestinian superbug epidemic could spread

Shortages of water, power and fuel for generators mean doctors cannot always meet even basic hygiene standards


Epidemiologist: Legionella is everywhere

Doctor says routine cleaning and maintenance of large water systems are key to preventing patients from falling ill


One dead after Legionella found at West Michigan hospital

The hospital is using alternative water sources and water filtration


Two fired from N.J. facility that may have exposed thousands to HIV, hepatitis

A Saddle Brook surgery center was closed after state surveyors found an outdated infection control plan and unacceptable sterilization practices


Maryland hospital's pipes contained uncommon bacteria that infected patients

Patients were infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria living in the plumbing of the National Institutes of Health’s hospital


Johns Hopkins hospitals don’t always follow safety rules they pioneered

The hospitals have been accused of setting aside basic safety rules


U.S. healthcare worker with possible exposure to Ebola evacuated to Nebraska

The worker was treating patients and had contact with a patient who was later diagnosed with Ebola


Study says one-wipe cleaning system for nurses is effective

Contamination of the environment around patients seen as MRSA risk


Shriners nurses launch hand-hygiene program

Patients were deputized as 'Hand Hygiene Police'


Study: Isolation room pressure key to limiting spread of airborne germs

A high air-change rate in AIIRs does not ensure efficient removal of infectious agents



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