Construction and Design

Building energy modeling can help build an HVAC plan

Modeling systems can help facilities reach optimal efficiency


Healthcare facilities energy efficiency challenge

Healthcare facilities must cope with the challenges of energy management in a mission-critical environment


Ohio healthcare facility gets lighting upgrade

OhioHealth O’Bleness Hospital switches to LED fixtures as part of conservation efforts


Healthcare facility honored for 'whimsical sophistication' in design

The Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care was honored with an Award of Merit in the 2017 Healthcare Design Showcase, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Johns Hopkins training facility creates simulation of real life

New facility meticulously designed to help them hone clinical skills


AIA selects seven projects for healthcare design awards

The AIA has selected the recipients of its Healthcare Design Awards program, according to an article on the Healthcare Design


Why did hospitals start displaying newborns through windows?

Windows allow relatives to see infants and serve as a barrier to prevent contact


Mayo Clinic renovating equipment repair space

Project includes a $100,000 revamp of leased industrial space


How hospital designs have changed since the 19th century

Advances in science have helped medical professionals to understand germs and how they are spread, which has translated into how hospitals are designed


Spending on energy efficiency means improving patient care

Running a hospital means taking the reins on your energy output by making smart energy-saving investments


Behavioral health facility renovation designed for flexibility

Grand Rapids facility adds beds, renovates admissions area


Improving emergency department efficiency

Healthcare designers are implementing strategies within the built environment to improve throughput, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Report outlines senior living design trends

Experts identify four major trends that are influencing senior living residences and communities, according to an article on the Environments for Aging website


N.Y. healthcare facility to create 'medical village'

Glens Falls Hospital awarded nearly $20 million for expansion


No-money-down microgrid can benefit healthcare facilities

Hospitals don't need to cut into their capital to install a healthcare microgrid


ASID spotlights healthcare in industry briefs

American Society of Interior Designers publishes five sector reports that explore industry influences


Projects are still doable during tough times for healthcare construction

Providing the best possible design is tough when uncertainty is the new norm in the healthcare industry


Crowdsourcing challenge seeking hospital electrical distribution innovations

Challenge will explore IoT's impact on electrical distribution


Urgent care centers implementing environmental scenting programs

MD Now is diffusing a vanilla fragrance in the waiting areas of all of its facilities


Texas healthcare facility mosaic mural to feature handprints

Helping Hands mural planned for San Antonio's Dr. Robert L.M. Hilliard Center


Partnering with students on a POE

Vision 3 Architects partners with university students to conduct post-occupancy evaluations for smaller facilities, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Costly skilled-nursing renovations can be good investment

Infection-control design elements save money in the long run


Many healthcare organizations adding wound care units

Planning for these units involves spatial requirements accommodate a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, according to an article on the Healthcare Design website


Patient experience part of winning equation for 'Beautiful' hospitals

First-time entry won top spot in annual contest


Healthcare facility microgrids can mean more reliable, lower-cost energy

Healthcare expansion means a greater need for energy


Common problems found during building renovations

The older the structure is, the more likely it is that the building inspector will find some form of defect


20 most beautiful hospitals in America named

Orange Regional Medical Center in N.Y. takes number one spot


N.Y.C. hospitals use modular construction updating facilities

Prefab building helps rein in costs for healthcare providers


Microgrids for healthcare facilities

Is it realistic to utilize this type of a technology for healthcare facilities?


When fresh air in hospitals went out the window

Hospital went from luxury resorts to windowless boxes in the 1940s


Healthcare facility design impacting care

New hospitals that are more like hotels, with private rooms, gardens and art installations


Designing to 'right-size' patient rooms

Well-planned smaller spaces can accommodate patients and families just as larger rooms would


Centers for healthy living designed for 21st century wellness

Outdated senior living communities are repositioning themselves to stay competitive


Building energy modeling can help build an HVAC plan

Modeling systems can help facilities reach optimal efficiency



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