Construction and Design

Diagnostic Software Delivers Energy Efficiency

Trouble spots included leaky water valves and faulty valve actuators and damper actuators


Case Study: Hospital Design Centers on Patient Healing

Creating uplifting atmosphere was central to inpatient pavilion at Vassar Brothers Medical Center


Design and Construction: Lessons from COVID-19

Future facilities to incorporate larger emergency rooms to keep patients more physically distanced


New 136-Bed Hospital Coming to Washington, D.C.

Facility will include maternal health and newborn nursery and obstetric services


Hospital Eyes Lighting Upgrades To Boost Energy Efficiency

System was spending $2 million annually on lighting for hospital, but also acute care facilities, clinics, medical office building and parking structure


Texas Children’s Hospital Debuts Plans for New Facility

Groundbreaking is anticipated this spring for $485 million hospital


Renovated Floor Enhances Hospital’s Flexibility

19,900-square-foot project provides additional bed capacity and swing space for entire building


COVID-19 and Hospitals of the Future

Pandemic has accelerated considerations of the way medical facilities are built and designed


Facility Updates Interior To Address Patient, Family Needs

Switch in furnishings and layouts increased the facility’s capacity and patient privacy


Demolished Hospital Clears Way for New Facility

New hospital will have more than 200 beds and focus primarily on mental health


California Hospitals Struggle With Seismic Requirements

Hospitals ask state to reconsider requirements written into law more than 20 years ago


Rethinking Design for Looming Behavioral Health Pandemic

Systems should plan now to integrate best practices in design so physical spaces can support patients


Center for Breast Health Completes Construction

Design features improvements for environmental performance, and project is expected to receive LEED Silver rating


COVID-19: The Impact on Emergency Preparedness

Health system rethinks number of negative pressure rooms and space needed to expand capacity


Gas-Powered Tools Sicken 12 on Construction Site

Crews were using gas-powered tools in a building without ventilation system


Hospital Design Emphasizes Nontraditional Approach

Services for behavioral and mental health treatment require collaboration to meet unique design considerations


New Hospital Gives a Nod to Hospitality

Symbiotic relationship seeks to create steady flow of travelers for hotel and more welcoming, hospitality-inspired setting


Arizona Medical Center Starts Major Expansion

Project includes a second five-story patient tower that brings 109 new patient beds


Carbon Footprint and the Role of Interiors

Impact of interiors might be responsible for emissions akin to those from building structures and envelopes


Preparing Facilities for Vaccination Programs

After assessing data, one hospital determined it would locate its vaccine pod in its auditorium


Health System Prepares for Opening of New Facility

New hospital will be licensed for 320 adult beds, 84 pediatric beds and 44 maternity beds


Construction and Maintenance: Connectivity and Cyber Security Considerations

It’s crucial that organizations address security with construction and design firms and electronic-product vendors


Health System Begins Its Largest Construction Project

$251 million includes new emergency department and surgical building


New VA Hospital Moves Closer to Reality

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit asking to stop plans for new hospital in eastern Louisville


Hospital Revenue Losses Limiting Construction

U.S. hospitals lost $323 billion in 2020 revenue


Hospital Design in the COVID-19 Era

New ideas are being vetted rapidly, such as redesign of physical space and infrastructural updates


High School Building Targeting Healthcare Professions

Building to feature medical training laboratories that accurately simulate scenarios students could face in real healthcare settings


Venues Available for Vaccination Programs

Parking, wayfinding and accessibility are challenges for onsite hospital programs


Adapting Florence Nightingale to COVID-19 Era

Nightingale revolutionized hospital design by adding large windows to allow cross-ventilation and abundant natural light


Small Equipment Upgrade Turns Into Major Renovation

Hospital’s renovation began with plan to replace seven pieces of imaging equipment


Delayed Hospital Project Restarts

Financial loss exacerbated by COVID-19 pandemic delayed project in May 2020


Phasing: Strategy for Smooth, Successful Construction Projects

Projects must plan impacts to surrounding campus and mitigate appearance of change


VA Adding Clinic, Domiciliary in Jacksonville

Clinic’s architectural and interior design focus on sustainably designed spaces


Renovations, New Construction Can Address Healthcare Advances

Projects can incorporate consumer-driven facility needs, including virtual medicine and micro hospitals


Microgrids: The Sustainability Connection

Growing desire for reliable power and cleaner energy sources renewed focus on more sophisticated microgrids


Guide Aims To Protect Construction Workers from COVID-19

Resource is designed to improve ventilation at indoor sites without working HVAC systems


Pandemic Prompts Major Changes in Middle of Construction

One change converted 12 intensive care rooms to feature slightly negative airflow


Medical Office Buildings Connects Patients to Nature

Design incorporates green moss wall that cleanses VOCs from air and reduces noise


Hospital Aims for Inclusive Design

Design prioritizes a lack of visual clutter, carefully thought-out travel paths, scale and lighting controls


What Will Hospitals of the Future Look Like?

Coronavirus has exposed issues with current healthcare provision and architecture


Hospital Design with Workplace Violence in Mind

Design guidelines place considerable attention on updated guidance to help combat violence


Big Picture: How COVID-19 Is Changing Facility Design

Pandemic has accelerated dramatic reforms in how hospitals look, feel and function


Adaptive Reuse Brings Clinic to Historic Building

Milwaukee project transforms 1847 firehouse into clinical location


Earthquakes, COVID-19 Affect Medical Center Design

To meet California’s seismic standards by 2030, UC Davis Health System to undertake $3.75 billion project


Hospitals: The Sustainability-Design-Energy Connection

An energy budget sets an energy target at the beginning of a design and construction project


Prefab Strategy Streamlines Office Building Renovation

Exam rooms built as pods off-site and delivered nearly complete to construction site


How Hospital Design Can Save Lives

For some patients, time is of the essence and can’t be wasted navigating layout


Rethinking Design with COVID-19 in Mind

Expect hospital design to incorporate more infectious disease rooms, larger emergency departments and more flexible spaces


Co-locating Cancer Services Improves Patient Satisfaction

Designing for multi-disciplinary approach can be challenging, but improved results are worth the effort


Case Study: Renovation Helps Hospital React to Pandemic

Technology is likely used for virtual tours and smart maintenance



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