infection control

infection control - strategies, tips and insights for the healthcare facilities management industry

Hospital used multifaceted plan can stop C. diff

'No concern' of Ebola at Va. healthcare facility

Robotic comfort seals clear infection control hurdle

University developing self-cleaning surface that destroys bacteria when exposed to light

CDC says flu season has peaked

N.C. senior facilities take precautions as state flu deaths pass 200

CDC reports flu activity still elevated

Improving hand hygiene in nursing homes

Maine healthcare facilities bracing for worsening of flu season

Infection problems could cost Michigan healthcare facility its Medicare patients

Managing healthcare facilities' airborne pathogens

Best conditions for Legionella bacteria growth

S. Korea prepping for potential disease outbreaks at Olympics

Healthcare facilities taking extra precautions this flu season

Developing a water management program

Florida hospitals deploy germ-killing robot

Judge orders new superbug trial for Olympus

Hospital-based sleep labs moving toward disposables

State judge denies link between forced-air warming and infection

Joint Commission will now cite individual hand-hygiene failures

How hospitals safely dispose of infectious fluid waste

Oregon hospital lauded for infection-control efforts

Fresno VA facility tested for Legionnaires'

Most US cooling towers contain Legionella bacteria

Remembering Ebola two years later

Infections are common in nursing homes, punishment is not

London Hospital allows horse to visit patient before Christmas

Manufacturers ordered to remove triclosan from healthcare antiseptics

Belfast children's hospital cited for water safety problems

Study says thinking about germs makes people concerned about their appearance

UK healthcare facility admits health and safety failing after Legionnaires death

Dealing with C. difficile in healthcare facilities

Infection preventionists' holiday wish list

Smart bathroom design can curb spread of hospital infections

Infectious disease response guide for hospitals published

Door alarms can limit OR foot traffic

Va hospital cancels elective surgeries after particles found on equipment

Study: US hospitals' HAI risk down 22 percent

DC VA cancels surgeries over concerns about surgical equipment

Curbing Clostridium difficile with patient hand hygiene

Using light to disinfect mobile devices

Role of contaminated handheld electronic devices in infection transmission

How typical ceiling light fixtures can help reduce HAIs

Arkansas VA healthcare system failed to update cleaning standards

California declares state of emergency after hepatitis A outbreak

Hospital food can carry MRSA, VRE

Debunking the assumptions around proper hand hygiene

St. Barnabas Medical Center stresses safety, privacy in design

New textile disinfects itself

Drones studied for infection control possibilities

Expert says Flint's Legionnaires' outbreak likely killed more people than reported

CMS requirement addresses Legionnaires' Disease control in longterm care facilities

CDC offers advice on controlling spread of superbug fungus

Environmental service workers called unsung heroes of healthcare

Study looks at potential infection spread from floor to hands

D.C. hospital's sewage leaks seldom result in major penalties

Montana hospital water tests positive for legionella

Bacteria stays on scrubs even with antibacterial fabrics

Harvey floodwaters carry high levels of E coli, toxins

Specific environmental strategies needed in infection control

Germicidal technologies reduce hospital airborne pathogens

Guidance issued for emerging fungal threat

Study: Wipes more effective against C. difficile

VA hospital warns 526 patients about risk from improperly cleaned scopes

Patient given bloody wheelchair at N.Y. hospital

Study says cleaning dirty sponges strengthens worst bacteria

Healthcare facility renovation linked to decline in bacteria

A ‘perfect storm’ superbug worrying infection experts

Effective and efficient dusting measures a priority at new trauma center

Study finds Zika unlikely to be passed by casual contact

Colo. engineers demonstrate hospital 'germ trap'

Healthcare facilities can optimize infection prevention with best practices

Army hospitals deploying germ-killing robots

Jury orders Olympus to pay hospital $6.6 million but rejects claims scopes are unsafe

Philadelphia hospital cleaners cited for state of bed railings

Glasgow hospital lauded for hygiene turnaround

Keys to cleanliness in an ambulatory care setting

Hand and surface cleanliness support prevention of cross contamination

HAI reduction program developed to support environmental services

Self-cleaning touch points can support infection control

New hospital hit by mold

Healthcare facility design can impact infection control

Heater-cooler contamination found to be more common than previously believed

Better cleaning contributes to fall in C. diff rates

Best surface cleaning options depends on many factors

Patients at Md. medical center may be infected by improperly cleaned equipment

Adding a UV disinfection system to a healthcare cleaning routine

U.S. Airmen may have been exposed to HIV, hepatitis due to contaminated scopes

Widow sues Olympus over scope-related superbug outbreak

Tailored veterans home infection control cuts MRSA

Louisiana VA hospital cited for improper cleaning

C. auris cases now number 156

The art of dust containment in healthcare facilities

Two Legionnaires' case linked to hot tub at Florida senior facility

Hospital floors are critical areas when it comes to cleaning

Deadly bacteria found in 37 percent of tested heater-cooler devices

Study: Copper-impregnated surface has 80 percent reduction of contamination

APIC 2017 Film Festival winner highlights hand hygiene

Interior design choices can support infection prevention

Antiseptic manufacturers help make sense of FDA rules

Study says removing sinks from ICU cuts bacterial colonization

Whitepaper offers guidance on choosing the right disinfectant

CMS says healthcare facilities must develop water management policies to prevent Legionnaires'

Two infants develop Legionnaires' following water births

RF Code to Demonstrate Benefits of Real-Time Data Center Solutions at DCD>Webscale in San Francisco

How to deal with ransomware

Too many Legionnaires' cases start in healthcare facilities, CDC says

Focusing on surface contact in hand hygiene

Infection control in longterm care facilities

Cool water as effective as hot for hand washing

Yearlong survey tracks bacterial diversity in new hospital

Healthcare facilities review plans in response to Congo Ebola outbreak

Hospital cleaning budget cuts blamed for superbug outbreak

Model to stop superbugs may not be working

C. diff-contaminated areas can increase infection risk

DC VA sited for stained, missing surgical equipment

More than quarter of nursing home residents colonized with MDR bacteria

CDC study finds most cooling towers test positive for Legionella

Hospital investigators, CDC disagree over source of deadly mold

Paper sanitizers can curb bacteria

Ohio university adds healthcare environmental services focus to program

Toledo hospital uses robot to help keep patients safe

'Superbug' fungus emerging in N.Y. region

Surface selection can support infection control efforts

Infection control has silver bullet

Biofilm study found high contamination rates on dry hospital surfaces

Virginia healthcare facility undergoes deep clean after bacterial infection outbreak

Anesthesia machine cover designed for OR infection control

DMC Children’s Hospital passes follow-up investigation

MRSA outbreak at UC Irvine hospital undisclosed for months

DC VA inspection reveals dirty sterile storage

Site-specific pest management plan recommended

Conducting effective infection control surveillance

Robot disinfects ORs in two minutes

Md. hospital NICU reopens after investigation of Pseudomonas bacteria

Roaches found (again) in New Orleans care facility

Study says clean scopes can sit for more than two weeks

Linen storage issues found at UPMC Shadyside

Hygiene matters on World Health Day and beyond

Pa. healthcare facility cited for using dirty scope

Detroit hospitals submit correction plans after inspection

Hospital installs bacteria-fighting operating room light fixtures

Biopesticide could defeat bed bugs' insecticide resistance

Day-specific colored bedding used to improve hygiene

Cutting risk of water-borne infections

Course offered on planning for biosafety environments

Kansas healthcare facility hires infection-fighting robot

Is healthcare cleaning a special case?

Manufacturer changing how sinks work in hospitals

Study says healthcare facility floors can harbor pathogens

Many hands: Team building may boost hand washing

Hospital floors may be spreading germs more easily than believed

Innovations curbing healthcare facility infections

Lawsuit linking sixth death to UPMC mold names third facility

Antimicrobial surfaces can support HAI prevention

UV cleaning technology manufacturers discuss key issues

Cleaners can harm plastic surfaces over time

Cleaning strategies to reduce hospital-acquired infections

Experts say current cleaning techniques for flexible endoscopes insufficient

Rare E. coli found in Los Angeles County patient

Scabies outbreak reported at Ohio hospital

Probe of dirty surgical tools at Detroit healthcare system reopened

Tips to reduce the spread of norovirus

Report links UPMC bed linens filled with mold blamed to crisis

Following the new scope reprocessing guidelines

Environmental services' morale sometimes suffers on the job

Hospital enhances patient safety with germ-zapping robots

Study links superbug to antibiotic overuse rather than dirty hospitals

Ontario hospital workers warn about hospital-acquired infections

PDI Welcomes Industry-Leading Experts to Further the Advancement of its leading Infection Prevention Technology

California hospitals with high infection rates not inspected

Study says UV light helps eliminate four superbugs

Top patient safety issues for 2017

Hospital's discount store purchases questioned

Addition of UV light cuts transmission of bacteria by 30 percent

Larco White Paper Reveals Copper as a Helpful Ally in Reducing Hospital-acquired Infections

Respiratory outbreak closes nursing home to visitors

The Christ Hospital Health Network Unveils Xenex Germ-Zapping Robots, Enhancing Patient Safety

Superbug may be more widespread than previously known

Dementia facility outbreaks highlight infection control issues

Diversey Care Launches Oxivir 1 Disinfectant Cleaner Wipes to Lead its Disinfectant Portfolio

UV Disinfection Proven Effective by Newly-published Duke Health Study

More cleaning staff at hospitals urged

Pan-resistant bacteria now considered worldwide threat

WHO's guidelines for infection prevention

Treating hospital air: A corporate infection prevention director’s answer to the problem of air contamination

Justifying price of whole-room disinfection robot

Germ-Zapping Robots Put to the Test to Combat Hospital-Acquired Infections

Sunburst Chemicals Introduces Tamper Proof Foaming Hand Soap Dispenser

PDI Expands Leadership Team with New Executive in Residence

Cuts to environmental services staff lead to rise in hospital-acquired infections, study says

Terumo Chooses Xenex LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robots to Disinfect Healthcare Facilities & Improve Patient Safety in Japan

Flu sweeping through Canadian nursing facilities linked to 15 deaths

Healthcare facility's environmental services team behind infection prevention and control efforts

Dead mice, insects found near facility's instrument sterilization area

UK hospital investigating legionella infection

Pomona workers say hospital tried to keep them from speaking about conditions

Flu season: Top tips for reducing infection spread

Environmental services suppliers can help combat HAIs

California healthcare facility staff concerned about C. diff. risk

Infection control in waiting rooms

TRSA says C. diff. study of hospital laundry exaggerates contamination risk

'Clean In, Clean Out' hand-hygiene cuts infection rates

Hospital infrastructure can affect HAI rates

Nursing home infection measurement to be examined

Joint Commission and CDC Study to Identify Strategies for Improving Nursing Home Infection Measurement

Whole-room disinfection can help eliminate human error

Designing for infection control

Crothall Healthcare’s Infection Prevention Powerhouse Summit Seeks New Solutions to Prevent HAIs

Mobile phones linked to HAIs

The art of dust containment in healthcare facilities

Polluted air contains antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Hospital bed hinges may be infection risk

Consumer Reports calls out 31 healthcare facilities for poor infection control

Designers rethink hospital gowns

Duke testing robot-nurse

Pomona hospital employees fear patients are being sickened by dirty conditions

Reducing HAIs in long-term care facilities

2017 top medical tech hazards listed

WHO says Zika no longer an international public health emergency

Air curtains may be tool in the fight against Zika

WHO recommends ways to stop surgical infections

How we can stop healthcare-associated infections

Infectious brain disease confirmed at Maine hospital

Infection control problems tied to Hep. C outbreak

Report shows hospitals still struggling with deadly infections

Nevada hospital installs bacteria-fighting OR light fixtures

Superbug outbreak costs an NHS hospital one million pounds

Will overtime laws affect infection control measures?

Using copper to fight infection

Bacterial outbreak likely linked to infants’ deaths at Md. hospital

First cases of deadly fungal infection reported in U.S.

Cleanliness: Analyzing HCAHPS' Question 8

Addressing healthcare-associated infections with modern hand-hygiene practices

Keys for an effective infection preventionist

Hospital shines a black light on hand washing

Scrubs may help spread germs to patients

Sofidel Releases Free e-book on Hygienic Paper Benefits and Selection

Tru-D SmartUVC Proven to Provide Reduction in Patient Infections

Norfolk hospital fighting infection with copper-infused linens

Sinks added to fight infections can make the problem worse

Copper healthcare facility surfaces can help fight infections

Antimicrobial copper touch surfaces may help fight antibiotic resistance

Rural hospitals lead in infection prevention

UV air purification linked to lower sepsis rates

Gulf Coast Children’s Hospital Fights Effects of High Humidity

Detroit Medical Center's correction plan for sterilization issues approved

New bacteria strain requires effective healthcare facility cleaning

Automating a reprocessing department

Diversey Care Adds Avert Sporicidal Disinfectant Wipes to Disinfectant Offering to Assist in Outbreak Response

Infection Control Market Driven by Disinfection Products Growing at 6.5% CAGR to 2021

Study says UV light cuts C. diff by 25 percent

Specific heater-cooler linked to infections

Hospital bed history can create C. diff risk

PDI and SABIC Join Forces to Test Medical Device Plastics and to Help Improve Patient Protection from Infection

Detroit Medical Center releases plans to correct infection control problems

Healthcare infection forum focuses on devices and equipment

Hospital reopens NICU two months after bacteria discovered

New Hospital Study Finds Copper Alloys Used in Larco’s Line of Push Plates Kill Bacteria

Cooling towers may be linked to Legionnaires' outbreak

UV Light Disinfection Significantly Reduces Clostridium Difficile Incidence

High C. diff infection rates at teaching hospitals

College's research finds copper helps reduce bacteria in hospitals

Emcor Government Services Presents on a 10-Year Project with the CDC to Combat Legionnaires’ Disease,

Oxfordshire artists 'angry and disappointed' after wood carvings are rejected by hospital

Despite contaminated heater-cooler devices, Washington hospital still blames Legionella on ice machine

Most recent UWMC patient with Legionella believed to have been exposed during an earlier hospitalization

PDI Bolsters Momentum with New Leadership Appointments and Growth Plans

Clorox Healthcare Introduces the Next Generation of Bleach

Hot water systems promote the growth of legionella pneumophila

Clorox Healthcare Introduces the Next Generation of Bleach

Irish hospital called 'health hazard' leaving patients at high risk of infection

Four Diversey Care Solutions Competing for ISSA 2016 Innovation Awards

PYA Provides Analysis of Organizations’ Antibiotic Stewardship Effectiveness

Fourth patient infected with Legionnaires' at UW Medical Center

Ice maker, sinks linked to Legionnaires' outbreak

Study suggests bodily fluids can spread Zika

Link found between antibacterial ingredients in dust and antibiotic resistance

Sealed Air’s Diversey Care Makes Global Triclosan-free Commitment within its Hand Care Line

Unsanitary conditions found in N.J. pediatrician's exam room

Tru-D SmartUVC Deployed at Frye Regional

Michigan launches probe of dirty instruments at healthcare facility

Healthcare facilities prepare for Zika by expanding care, partnerships

Irish nursing home embraces hand hygiene

Evidence of Zika found in tears

Hospital infection prevention: Project/worksite isolation with construction, renovation and maintenance activities/quality control

IPs' role in healthcare laundering practices

ASC infection-control compliance needs a team approach

Study shows coordinated effort can reduce CRE 75 percent

Using Deep UV LEDs to prevent the spread of infectious disease

Controlling C. diff in post-acute care facilities

UV and HP technologies aid infection control

UV lamps can help sterilize computer keyboards

Colorado Springs cited for not properly cleaning ultrasound probes

Olympus reportedly told U.S. managers not to issue a warning about contaminated scopes

Minimizing traffic during surgery lowers infection rate

Strategies to increase hand-hygiene compliance

Cleaning healthcare facilities' 'grey zone' cuts infection risk

Electronic hand-hygiene monitoring reduces MRSA HAIs by 42 percent

Is duodenoscope cross-contamination an outpatient facility risk?

Elizabethkingia update: Original infection source remains unknown

Second untreatable superbug infection found in US

Johns Hopkins students improve Ebola protection suit

Cincinnati hospital accused of skirting safety procedures

Do antibacterial building materials pose a health risk?

Lapses cost Virginia Mason full accreditation

Gloves shown to transfer bacteria between surfaces

Preventing spread of common superbugs

Infection control credited for curbing MERS in dialysis unit

Pasadena hospital deals with infection crisis

Infographic explores touchscreen hygiene in healthcare facilities

Pictures of bacteria increases hand-washing compliance

Narrow wavelength of UV light safely kills drug-resistant bacteria

Infection scare forces hospital to cancel almost 200 operations

Germ-zapping robots boost OR infection control

Two new Elizabethkingia cases found in Wisconsin

Free webcast offered on reducing hospital-acquired infections

Hospital renovation efforts include push for better hand hygiene

FDA reviewing safety of hospital hand cleaners

Noroviruses can spread through the air

Designing healthcare facilities to fight infection

Protecting healthcare facilities from dirty devices

Xenex germ-zapping robots arrive in Spain; Clece chooses Xenex for hospital disinfection

Companies feud over UV robots

Long-term costs of infection control

Technology fights hospital-acquired infections

Victoria Hospital denies cleaning problems

Chemicals used to make products antimicrobial are classified as pesticides/biocides

Dirty mops blamed for norovirus outbreak at hospitals

Addressing flu and pneumonia at skilled nursing facilities

Study says germs lurking in waiting rooms

CDC investigating C. diff link to doctors' offices

An infection control expert's week

N.C. health system steps up CRE screening, cleaning efforts

Cleanliness concerns cited at Fife hospital

Executives' strategies to improve hand hygiene

Probe finds some Florida hospitals have infection control issues

Managing long-term costs of infection control

Handwashing leads to more worker dermatitis

Ice machines can be toxic breeding grounds

Designing for infection control after Ebola scare

Sealed TV remotes in patient rooms cut infections

Architecture students create isolation unit designs

Proper hand hygiene depends on the right tools, methods

New fabric to prevent cross-contamination

Smart devices track hand-washing in hospitals

University students build a device to monitor hand washing in hospitals

Joint Commission offers Ebola resources for laboratories, healthcare facilities

CDC: Keep patients out of waiting room for early flu treatment

Controlling infections in waiting rooms

Hospital construction projects can increase HAIs

Ebola offers lessons for facilities

Carpenters training for infection control

Texas Children's Hospital plans Ebola treatment center

Designing a contingency plan for Ebola

Medicare cuts payments to 721 hospitals for hospital-acquired conditions

Copper bedrails may fight hospital infections

Group works on Ebola building standard in Africa

Water-birth facilities reviewed after baby's death

Do U.S. healthcare professionals feel safe after Ebola?

HAI battle fought on multiple fronts

U.S. healthcare system could benefit from Ebola

U.K. hospital takes hand hygiene high-tech

Students brainstorm to reduce hospital-acquired infections

Disinfecting bedside electronics

35 U.S. hospitals designated Ebola treatment centers

U.S. may have reached peak preparedness for future Ebola cases

Some Ebola guidelines questioned

CDC offers four keys to infection control

U.S. hospitals wary of cost and stigma of treating Ebola

Evaluating cleaning products for Ebola use

Colorado hospital looks at waiting room safety concerns

Hospital managers say culture change key to better hand hygiene

Study says hand dryers can spread bacteria

As U.S. Ebola scare fades, infection control focus wanes

Hand-washing and housekeeping lapses blamed for high infection rate

Vacant Mississippi rehab facility to be repurposed as Ebola unit

Electron-beam technology may be a better way to sanitize Ebola waste

'Self-cleaning' surface reduces pathogens, study says

Infection control tips in the age of Ebola

Houston Medical Center adds UV technology to infection control

Ebola fears spark equipment companies to restrict service

Choosing a disinfectant to fight Ebola

Preparing for Ebola - the FM's role

Study: Hospital workers wash hands less toward end of shift

U.K. not prepared for Ebola, expert says

Ebola heightens awareness of HAIs

WHO updates personal protective equipment guidelines for Ebola

Facilities experts urge Ebola prep

New Zealand bacterial outbreak linked to facility faults

Demand for Ebola supplies up

Two Virginia hospitals achieve infection risk certification

Ebola may be draining resources from other efforts

Good hand hygiene essential in HAI battle against health

Making a hospital 'Ebola ready'

Great Neck facility to build bio-containment unit

Associations issue statement on processing biohazardous medical waste

Hospitals review infection control practices amid Ebola fears

Download free whitepaper on hand hygiene

UK hospital criticized for filthy conditions

CDC issues stronger standards for Ebola healthcare workers

Ebola preparedness urged for clinics

Ebola raises concerns over infection controls

Improving hand-washing compliance

OSHA issues Ebola guidance

CDC's how-to on treating Ebola safely

Hospitals can learn from Dallas' Ebola mistakes

White House blogs about preparing for Ebola

Connecticut hospitals gear up for Ebola

When Ebola is suspected but not confirmed, linen should be left in the room until test results are obtained

When Ebola is suspected but not confirmed, linen should be left in the room until test results are obtained

A day at a Liberian Ebola clinic

Copper coated hospital beds help combat possible infections

U.S. has the healthcare system to stop Ebola

Hand hygiene improves with monitoring

Environmental services 'secret weapon' against HAIs

Dealing with infectious disease

Study says shark-skin-inspired surface helps control MRSA

Hospital pillows can harbor pathogens

Best hand-hygiene practices for a healthcare facility

UAE hospitals don't spend enough on infection control

Preventing Clostridium difficile infections

CDC issues Ebola checklist

Preparedness key to containing outbreaks

Managing waterborne infection risks

Ebola, HAIs boost sales of infection-control software

California hospitals prepare for Ebola while stressing low risk

For a healthcare data center, redundancy is key

Key hand-hygiene strategies include easy access to sanitizer

Healthcare workers go on strike over Ebola safety fears

White paper on antimicrobial protection available

Study says health workers exposed to high levels of antibacterial soap chemical

Emergency department design can fight contagious disease

Healthcare spaces affect attitudes, behaviors

Infection control recommendations for Ebola questioned

Reducing the risk of healthcare-associated infections

Study compares hand hygiene and environmental cleaning

Antimicrobial fogging and misting protocols approved

Design can contain germs in the ER

Georgia hospital using three germ-zapping robots

Infection prevention recommendations for Ebola patients

'Nightmare bacteria' spread in Southeast

S.C. hospital revises procedures after infection outbreak

Designing to prevent HAIs

UV cuts resistant organisms by 20 percent: study says

Online infection control course offered to improve construction safety

Hospital engineering should integrate infection prevention in design

Legionella bacteria found again at UPMC Presbyterian

Tennessee hospital creates culture of safety

Hospital bans showers after legionella bacteria is found

Experts join to offer guidance on hand hygiene

Ensuring patient safety during construction

Probe of Greenville deadly infections focuses on water

Southwest Florida hospitals increase hand-hygiene compliance

Toilets major source of contamination in healthcare

Saginaw-area hospitals focus on stopping HAIs

UV disinfection reduces multidrug-resistant organisms at NY hospital

Sweat hurts anti-bacterial brass surfaces

Tools for hand-hygiene observation

Infection control best practices for long-term care

New guidelines help hospitals curb MRSA

Collaboration model may control spread of C. diff

Louisiana hospital sanitizes with UV light

Hand-washing goals key to Maryland CMS waiver

Hospital infection control: reducing airborne pathogens

Deadly infections at 'med spa' tied to poor practices

Study says ultraviolet cleaning reduces superbugs 20 percent

MRSA study recognized by APIC

Florida hospital solves infection problem with communication

Illinois hospital uses disinfection robot

Real-time feedback encourages hand hygiene

White paper discusses fighting infection in long-term care facilities

London hospital steps up infection control after rise in C-diff cases

Building teamwork in infection prevention

Common goals strengthen infection prevention policies

Download infection prevention infographic

Study on laundered towels finds E. Coli, tetanus

Spreading information can help curb HAIs

Australian university develops antibacterial fabric

Hand hygiene in New Zealand hospitals improving

New superbug infection found every 18 minutes in Hong Kong public hospitals

Designing for infection control

Hospital bug blamed for hospital ward closures in Wales

South Carolina Hospital honored for infection control

Video surveillance of hand hygiene

Challenges of infection-control cleaning

Cleaning for hospital-acquired infections

U.K. hospital adopts new infection control guide

Hospital produces infection prevention video

Tips for improving hand hygiene compliance

Preventing hospital-acquired infection transmission

Taming the hospital microbial ecosystem

Hospital door handle sanitizes hands

Copper called safe, effective for infection control

Antimicrobial copper can save lives in healthcare facilities

Effective terminal cleaning can curb HAIs

'Keep the Coat' campaign launched in defense of lab coats

Scientists develop light-activated antimicrobial surface

Many hospital infections commonly found directly outside facilities

New Springfield surgery center designed for safety, satisfaction

Healthcare workers identify infection-control barriers

Survey says Canadian hospitals not clean enough

Study looks at hand hygiene in resource-limited facilities

CDC releases up-to-date report on hospital-acquired-infection estimates

Maryland hospitals' hand-hygiene compliance rises

UK hospital uses pre-fab cubicles for infection prevention and control

Facilities collaborate to fight C. diff

Infection prevention failure blamed in deaths of two babies

Hospital told to improve infection control after C. diff outbreak

Hospital reaches zero-infection target

NJ healthcare facilities get smarter in fighting superbugs

WHO program improves U.S. healthcare hand hygiene

Safety measures cut risk of contaminated hospital food

Children's hospital groups stress patient, family and caregiver hand washing

One in five U.S. health facilities don't put hand sanitizer everywhere needed

British Columbia requires either masks or flu shots of hospital visitors

Study finds low rate of infections following ambulatory surgery

VA initiative slashes MRSA rates

Antimicrobial stewardship's value for LTC facilities still unknown

White coats: infection control versus psychology

Healthcare workers report hand hygiene compliance - even with failures

Five keys to hand hygiene compliance

Alcohol rubs called good alternative to hand washing

'Germinator' fights hospital infections at Cincinnati hospital

Children's ward equipment called safety risk

Lack of knowledge hurts hand hygiene compliance, study says

UK hospital opens infection control unit

Short sleeves recommended by infection control experts

Hospital water taps contaminated with bacteria

New CDC website to support long-term care infection control

Australian Capital Territory hospital patients needlessly contracting infections, expert says

Hot water unnecessary for handwashing, study says

Up-to-date infection control technology, vigilance are musts for dental facility

Infection control needs relationship between clinicians and environmental services

AHRQ releases report on HAIs and design

Education key for ES technicians

Infection control accreditation program launched in Indian state

OneTogether takes aim at HAIs with small actions

Hand hygiene stressed at Philippines symposium

Are your patient pillows clean?

Ohio health system tries high-tech tool for infection prevention

APIC publishes new guide on long-term care infection prevention

Reducing the risk of HAIs through effective environmental cleaning processes

Study says hand hygiene prior to gloves is unnecessary

Hospital-acquired infections take toll on patients, bottom line

Mobile devices major source of germ transmission

Study says evaluation of infection prevention policies can reveal opportunities for improvement

Patient transmission causes minority of ICU S. aureus acquisitions

Bacteria survives on toys, books, cribs for longer than expected

A quarter of healthcare workers' hands contaminated with infectious germs, study says

Study shows healthcare staff contaminated with C. diff after routine care

Guidelines for preventing HAIs in NHS hospitals are released

Free hand hygiene posters for your facility

New data tells patients how their local hospitals are doing at preventing infections

Five stories on hand hygiene

Free 'Infection Prevention and You' safety poster available

Study of C. difficile reveals routes of infection

Robots help Pontiac hospital reduce infection rates

Interior design for infection prevention

Isolation linked to patient dissatisfaction

Patients and families can be hand-hygiene champions at healthcare facilities

Some Illinois hospitals reducing infection, study shows

Alabama hospital replaces beds for patient comfort, safety

ES must partner with nursing and infection control

Does self protection drive hand hygiene in healthcare?

Researchers evaluate several aggressive chemistries for reduction of C. diff

Hospitals should evaluate infection-prevention policies, survey suggests

Four tips for infection prevention and quality assurance

Topeka reduces in-hospital infections with statewide push

Quarter of Portugal's patients who died in 2011 had hospital bug

Hospitals must make infection control part of the culture, expert says

Canadian official says hospital infection control good, but can be better

Reprocessing equipment touted as saving money and waste

Pathogens on soft surfaces often overlooked

Impact of education, information on hand hygiene compliance studied

Study shows Veteran's Affairs MRSA initiative continues to make gains

Evaluating infection prevention policies can reveal improvement opportunities

Four steps to ensure infection prevention programs meet ASC survey requirements

Gaza students create energy-saving hospital cleaning device

Parallels seen between the budget crisis and infection control

Social network model proposed to fight hospital infections

Ten major infection control stories from the summer and fall

What's holding us back from handwashing?

Study shows low levels of hand hygiene compliance in pediatric hospitals

New safety measures put focus on best practices

Financial incentives boost hand hygiene compliance in study

Hospital fights infections with ultraviolet light 'robot'

Free downloadable patient safety handwashing tools

Contaminated bed linen key area of microbial and allergen accumulation

Norovirus a chronic problem in nursing homes, long-term care facilities in Oregon

Lack of single rooms called key element in infection control

APIC launches 'Infection Prevention and You' campaign

New report estimates societal cost of HAIs at a high of nearly $150 billion annually

The importance of environmental services shouldn't be underestimated

Widespread quality improvement seen at long-term care facilities

Manufacturers developing materials for cleanability and germ resistance

New guidelines may help infection control at residential facilities

Is patient safety taking a backseat to 'fancy' design?

CDC offers guidance for clinical surveillance, management of MERS-CoV

Contest seeking ideas to curb hospital-acquired infections

Health care leaders address senate committee on HAI reduction

CRE infections tracked by state

MRSA infections fall by more than 50% in U.S. hospitals

4 findings on healthcare facility design's effect on HAIs

Survey ranks health care facilities second for suspect hand-washing habits

Geisinger Medical Center honored for environmental services excellence

10 ways that healthcare quality impacts costs

Protective gloves get used and abused

Study puts hospital infections price tag at $9.8 billion annually

Financial incentives ineffective to fight healthcare-acquired infections

Healthcare industry needs to do more to prevent hospital-acquired infections

Study says hospital-acquired infections cost $10 billion a year

Sweeping changes: Hospitals focus on cleaning services

Infection prevention techniques that work

Whose responsibility is hospital safety?

Registries helped track infections in health care facilities

Infections may be getting two surprise foes

Financial incentives ineffective to fight healthcare-acquired infections

Healthcare industry needs to do more to prevent hospital-acquired infections


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